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  • Report: 92 Percent Of Pinterest Pins Made By Women

    Pinterest has a nearly $4 billion valuation. It would be a very likely Yahoo acquisition candidate but for that huge valuation (and its own potential IPO aspirations). In its roughly four years of existence Pinterest has proven itself to be an extremely valuable social network, driving massive social sharing. It also has shown both its e-commerce potential and growing offline retail influence.

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  • Bing Launches On Firefox OS, Does It Matter?

    Bing has launched an app for the Firefox Marketplace. As pointed out by The Next Web, Google doesn't yet have an official app there. Firefox OS is a mobile operating system "built entirely using open web standards" (HTML5). It's both an effort to reinvigorate the mobile web and keep Firefox from falling into total mobile irrelevance. The first Firefox OS phone is the Chinese-made ZTE Open.

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  • What Will Yahoo Buy With Its Alibaba Billions?

    When Chinese e-commerce powerhouse Alibaba goes public in what is likely to become the biggest internet IPO ever, Yahoo will reap a massive cash windfall. The company is required to sell half its remaining roughly 23 percent of Alibaba. Yahoo bought a 40 percent stake in Alibaba in 2005. The company was then worth $2.5 billion.

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  • Mobile Devices Drive 66 Percent Of Email Opens — Report

    According to Movable Ink's Q1 2014 US Consumer Device Preference Report email opens continue to migrate away from the desktop, which now represents a minority of all email opens. In addition, the tablet share of email opens continues to grow. Movable Ink said that 66 percent of emails were opened on either a smartphone (47.2 percent) or tablet (18.5 percent) in Q1.

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  • Chip Vendor Predicts $20 Smartphones This Year

    A $20 smartphone — really? Yes, according to mobile devices chip vendor ARM. AnandTech reports that at its recent "tech day" event, ARM predicted the appearance of a $20 smartphone later this year. To be clear (and fair) that's the lowest possible cost for an Android-based smartphone, the rock bottom, according to ARM.

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  • App Annie Adds New Tools For Better App SEO, Paid Visibility

    App Annie, which offers app store analytics, is announcing new features and capabilities for mobile app publishers and developers this morning. The company is adding more ad network data and analytics; it's also offering new tools to help boost App Store Optimization (ASO). Both of these are directed toward what might be called app-user acquisition optimization: one being pai ...

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  • Facebook Headlines Small Biz “Bootcamp” Summer Roadshow

    Facebook is launching a five-city summer tour to help educate small business owners about the platform and its advertising options. It's called "Facebook Fit" (bootcamp for small business). The half-day seminars will also feature presentations from Legal Zoom, Intuit (QuickBooks) and Square. Part of the day will be devoted to Facebook education and Q&A.

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  • Patent Verdict: Apple Wins The Round But Fails To Land A Blow Vs. Samsung

    You have to wonder what Apple and its lawyers are now thinking. Last Friday's patent victory did almost nothing for the company and nothing to deter or stop the momentum of chief rival Samsung. After a hard fought and widely publicized trial, Apple extracted a jury verdict of just $119 million against the Korean company. It's a far cry from the roughly $2 billion Apple was seeking.

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  • Secret Contracts Keep Google In Control Of Mobile Search Argues Lawsuit

    A would be class action lawsuit was filed last week against Google in Federal Court in California. The action seeks to resurrect some of the themes and arguments raised in the now settled FTC antitrust case against the company. While repeating familiar abuse of market power allegations against Google, the new civil case is focused on mobile search and Android devices rather than the desktop.

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  • Google+ Now Among Top 15 Mobile Apps — comScore

    Yesterday afternoon comScore released its US smartphone and mobile app rankings for March. Interestingly the company appears to have discontinued its ranking for mobile websites and is now only reporting on the top apps. In terms of smartphone marketshare, the story remains largely unchanged over the past six months, except that Samsung continues to incrementally gain share among Android OEMs.

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  • LinkedIn Beats The Street With $473.2MM In Q1 Revenue

    Yesterday, professional networking site (and now content publishing platform) LinkedIn announced Q1 revenues of $473.2 million. That was up 46 percent from last year. Topline revenue and earnings per share slightly beat consensus analyst estimates. Its guidance disappointed some, however, and shares fell yesterday in after-hours trading.

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  • Foursquare Shuns Check-ins To Better Compete With Yelp, Google

    Foursquare is doing something surprising, even radical. It's removing some of the legacy features (i.e., check-ins) from its app and moving them over to a new app called Swarm (available soon). Check-ins, sharing and friend finding will now reside in Swarm, and Foursquare will evolve in a bid for further mainstream adoption to challenge Yelp and Google in local.

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  • Facebook: App Links Allow Deep Links Between Mobile Apps

    Today at , Facebook's developer event, the company announced an initiative called App Links. It's a free and open-source solution for developers to enable deep linking between apps, which will mimic linking on the PC web. It's also cross-platform between mobile and web content, as well as between mobile operating systems.

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