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  • 5 Reasons Why Your B2B Content Marketing Isn’t Working

    Content Marketing Nowadays it seems like all of us are being bombarded with more content marketing than ever before – whether it’s blog posts in our social media feeds or sponsored content on our favorite news sites. Lots of B2B companies are starting to discover the value of content marketing – which is good; after all, content marketing can help your organization connect ...

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  • Why Your Company Is Chasing Too Many Bad Sales Leads

    Many companies don’t do enough upfront work to qualify their new sales leads. They simply pass every single sales lead through to the sales team, even if the prospect is nowhere near ready to buy or is even a good fit for what the company sells. According to statistics cited by HubSpot, 61 percent of B2B companies send all of their business leads directly to sales, even thoug ...

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  • 3 Lessons B2B Content Marketers Can Learn from B2C Content

    B2B content is often kind of—dare I say—boring. Of course, any content produced by businesses, for businesses is bound to be more factual and professional and “safe for work.” There are limits to what B2B marketers can say without compromising their professional image, and that’s understandable. But in the world of content marketing, it seems like too many B2B marketers are playing it safe.

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  • 3 Ways to Jump-Start Your 2015 Sales

    2015 is time to start a fresh page on the calendar, turn over a new leaf, set new goals and approach business challenges with renewed energy. But if you want your business performance to improve in the new year, you’ll need to rethink your marketing and sales strategy. The new year is a good opportunity to do some things differently, try new tactics or branch out into new markets.

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