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  • Are We on the Brink of a Retail Revolution?

    Revolutions often happen over short periods of time and leave death and carnage in their wake. What we are experiencing today in retail is more of an evolution — a sort of “survival of the fittest” as both local and big brand retailers either embrace shifting consumer shopping patterns or face extinction.

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  • Is It Time to Redefine ‘Local’ Marketing?

    It has been exactly a year since I penned my last column. At the time I was suffering from exactly the issues facing our industry; vendor companies and marketers had simplified “local” to mean the Google Map Pack. I was simply tired of spinning what has become a commoditized approach to a monolithic product.

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  • Mobile and desktop SEO: is there really a difference?

    Twice this year, I had the honor of teaching the Mobile SEO course at SES London and Clickz Live in San Francisco. In the four-hour sessions we explored the unique techniques required for Mobile SEO and while many of the foundational elements of mobile SEO are identical to desktop, there are a number of techniques that are required to amplify search signals for mobile devices.

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  • Do You Have a Diversified Local Strategy?

    I am often surprised when I hear a business or brand owner state, "My SEO or local listing position for my top keyword has dropped, and my revenue and sales are shrinking." With Google's recent reduction in local listings positions from seven to three, I hear this statement quite often. My response is often, "Adjust your mix of paid media or add additional promotional element ...

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  • Google Local Pack Is 233 Percent More Important

    With Google's recent reduction of Local Map Pack positions from seven to three, the importance of getting your listings optimized and into the top three positions has become much more important. Now, there are numerous articles dealing with the exact details of the changes such as telephone numbers removed and linkage to Google+ pages.

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  • Is Mobile-Friendly Good Enough?

    Is Mobile-Friendly Good Enough? Gregg Stewart | March 9, 2015 | Comments Is passing Google's mobile-friendly test good enough to ensure that your site is optimized the best it can be? Recently I had the great pleasure of teaching a four-hour session on local and mobile SEO at SES London. We reviewed tips and techniques for optimizing your mobile presence to improve local l ...

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