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  • 5 AdWords Scripts for Smarter Bidding

    To run a successful AdWords campaign, you need to master your bidding. By adjusting bids according to keyword, location, device, time of day, and audience, you can profoundly improve the relevance and performance of your AdWords advertising. AdWords has built-in tools to help with bid management, but to really excel, it’s helpful to use some additional tools to enhance your flexibility.

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  • How to Supercharge Conversions with Targeted Ad Groups

    Want more conversions in AdWords? Doesn’t everybody? In this article, I’m going to show you how you can supercharge your conversions by creating targeted ad groups using existing data in your campaigns. That’s right: You don’t have to do the usual keyword research using Google AdWords Keyword Planner to get great results.

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  • 3 Underrated Metrics That Will Improve Your PPC Performance

    As Socrates almost said: an unmeasured campaign isn’t worth launching. If you don’t have concrete goals and KPIs for your campaign (relating to profitability), then it’s certainly going to be a dead loss. Not all metrics are created equal. While clicks and sessions might bring a smile to your face, they don’t make you money. They’re vanity metrics.

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  • 7 Ways Email Signatures Can Drive Signups, Follows, and Conversions

    When you think of email marketing, what comes to mind? Monthly customer newsletters, daily blog RSS feeds, curated drip campaigns… One thing you probably didn’t think of is employee email signatures. Image via Email Signature Rescue Your employees engage with customers, vendors, friends, and family via email.

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  • 8 Ways to Make the Most of Your AdWords Keywords

    You’ve done extensive keyword research, and you know what keywords are valuable to your business or client – right? (If you’re not quite there yet, consider checking out WordStream’s recent article, How to Identify Your Most Valuable Keywords.) But once you’ve identified the right keywords for your AdWords campaigns, how do you make the most of them? Whether you’re a PPC manag ...

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  • The Beginner’s Guide to Duplicate Content

    One of the most frequent challenges I come across as a digital marketer are clients who can’t seem to get a good grasp of what duplicate content really is, how to avoid it, and why it matters to them. In this article, I’m going to dispel a few myths about duplicate content and SEO that are still lingering in a post-Panda world, as well as giving a few tips as to how to keep on ...

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  • 8 Popular Landing Page Designs: Which Types Work Best?

    “I told you guys there would be blood, sweat, tears. I told you guys he was a hell of a fighter standing up — kinda shocked me.” That quote comes from Floyd Mayweather, following his recent bout with Conor McGregor. Mayweather walked away from the fight with at least $100 million, while McGregor pocketed a mere $30 million.

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  • How to Drive More Ecommerce Sales with Your Product Pages

    Landing page basics Most ecommerce websites have many pages: the homepage, an “About” page, individual product pages, product category pages, etc. Although the homepage is often thought of as the first page your visitor sees, in practice, this isn’t usually what happens. The prevalence of search engines means that any page could potentially be a visitor’s first experience with your site.

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  • The Indispensable Welcome Email and How to Get It Right

    I recently came across a retail brand and fell in love with the quirky products they were offering. Being a savvy shopper (and email marketer), I signed up for their mailing list…and there it came—a welcome email telling me about the brand, what I can expect in their future emails, and, of course, a welcome discount! Perfect! The welcome email is the first email from a busines ...

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  • 10 Highly Effective B2B Link Building Tactics

    Regardless of what people say, building up your link profile is a necessary part of your B2B marketing strategy. For most businesses, however, the process of establishing a backlink strategy and then going out and actually getting backlinks can be incredibly daunting. There is a TON of value in building up your link profile. We attribute a lot of our organic growth to our backlink strategy.

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  • How Much Do Instagram Ads Cost? Plus 8 Tips for Saving Money

    Facebook ads have long been the gold standard in social advertising, in part because Facebook allows brands to target incredibly niche markets, and has empowered marketers to get rapid insights into winning combinations of creative, audience, placement and other variables to optimize their campaigns.

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  • How to Use Emotional Images for High-Converting Landing Pages Every Time

    You’re sitting at your desk planning a landing page. Your wireframe probably looks something like this: Landing page wireframe via Dribble Everything seems to be in the right place: copy, bullets, testimonials, a video…and last, a placeholder for that all-important image. Here’s a question for you: How do you choose that image? Do you leave it up to the designer to choose s ...

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  • 7 Advanced Google Shopping Strategies [Infographic]

    Competing in Google Shopping is hard. If you want to succeed as a retailer a successful strategy is essential, especially when you consider the fact that 56% of Google PPC budget is spent on shopping. That’s right: In the USA, Shopping is more popular than search. To help you get the most out of Google Shopping, our friends at London-based digital marketing agency Clicteq ha ...

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  • What We Learned About Lead Validation by Analyzing 373K Site Inquiries

    No business leader would ever say there is some information he or she just doesn’t need to know. Information is power, and one of the most important elements of Internet marketing is the depth of the information business leaders can gain from it. Unlike the scattershot approach of traditional media marketing, Internet marketers can drill deep into the data they collect about ...

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