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  • The Quickest Way to Build Trust Online

    This is a guest post by Lisa Corduff. Lisa spoke at ProBlogger Event this year and we were so impressed with the results she achieved with video we’re supporting her Keeping Video Real Course as an affiliate partner. Us bloggers, we know what it’s like. We can spend hours writing. Hours editing.

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  • Techniques that generate leads via social news feeds

    Written by Rehman The social news feed is considered an oft-untapped resource when it comes to building leads for your business’s page. Every day, billions of users worldwide check their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin pages with startling regularity. To tap into these users and initiate the conversion process, you’ll have to master the Most Unexceptional practic ...

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  • The 3 Key Steps to Create Your First Online Course

    By ProBlogger Expert Sam Nordberg. Creating an online course can be a great way to increase your income from your blog. Let’s face it, you spend a lot of time creating content anyway, putting it together in a course for your readers seems like a logical next step. Yet, the thought of putting together a full course can be overwhelming to say the least.

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  • Important Guide to navigate the salesforce set up and configuration process

    Written by Sujain Thomas There are many advantages to be realized from implementation of salesforce knowledge within your organization; from readily accessible information across the organization to easy monitoring and evaluation and customer engagement through content creation and sharing. Once you have decided to implement salesforce knowledge, there are important considera ...

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  • Applying the Pareto Principle to Increase Your Productivity

    From ProBlogger expert Nicole Avery of Planning With Kids. The 80/20 principle, or the Pareto principle, is widely known and accepted in business. The principle asserts that a minority of causes or effort lead to a majority of the results, In business it can be easily seen in many areas: 80% of a company’s profits come from 20% of its customers 80% of a company’s sales ...

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  • Content Attributes That Make It Linkable and Promote Sharing

    Written by Charlie Brown By their own admission, Google considers content and links to be the two biggest factors in determining its search results. While it is evident that content that is good will attract links and that links play a big role in improving both the popularity and visibility of the content, not all content types attract links.

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  • How to enhance your business through WordPress website

    Posted on 06 October 2016. The very purpose of any business is to generate more leads and revenue, to expand its clients base, to make more potential customers. But the question that arises is how? There are marketing strategies that, when worked upon results in the positive outcome and online presence is one of them.

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  • SEO and PPC working together

    Written by Izabela Wisniewska SEO and PPC – there seems to be a lot of debate as to which one is better. However, personally I don’t think it’s matter of choice. From my experience, the most successful digital marketing campaigns are these which combine multiple traffic sources, organic, paid and social.

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  • How to Leverage the 80/20 Rule for Blogging Success

    This is a guest contribution from ProBlogger expert Jerry Low. You may have heard of the 80/20 rule – it was recognized as a concept more than a century ago. In modern times, the rule has been used to achieve a broad range of objectives, from economics to business management to better relationships to weight loss.

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  • Which is the Best Permalink Structure For Your Blog?

    This is a guest contribution from Richard Richsh. WordPress is the most preferred platform by many beginners and developers across the globe for its ease of use. More than 75% of the website’s today use WordPress, and there are many ways by which you can increase your WordPress website’s ranking using SEO – one of these ways is to pay attention to your permalinks.

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  • 7 Sanity Saving Tips for Launching Your Online Course

    This is a guest contribution from ProBlogger Expert Ellen Jackson of Potential Psychology If you are going through hell, keep going – Winston Churchill In December last year I hit publish and launched my first online course. I’d love to tell you that I sat and watched the dollar metre click over as funds swelled my Paypal account but this is not a rags to riches tale.

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  • 5 Tools To Use When Implementing Your Content Marketing Strategy

    In the online world, content is everything. The nature of your content is used as a yardstick by visitors to determine if the site is worth their time or not. As many online based businesses might have already learned, having great and constant content is only one-half of the battle. There’s a lot more to putting up a successful content marketing strategy.

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  • How to Pitch Yourself to Be a Podcast Guest

    This is a guest contribution from Michelle Kulas of PodcastMotor. If you’ve been blogging for any length of time, you may have had daydreams about achieving fame, fortune and glory through your blog. At the very least, you’ve probably been hopeful that you’d reach your target readers and maybe make some money by selling a product or service that you talk about in your blog.

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  • NEVER SAY NEVER: Do You Always Have to Follow Writing “Rules” to Be a Successful Blogger?

    This is a guest contribution from author Daryl Rothman. “Never,” exhorts George Orwell in his prolific essay Politics and the English Language, “use a long word where a short word will do.” This etymological edict claims many adherents, and who amongst us has not wrestled with that great literary conundrum of word choice? Whether you blog, pen fiction, nonfiction or anythin ...

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  • How to Turn Your Business Blog Readers Into Paying Customers

    This is a guest contribution from Alicia Rades. You started a blog for your business because you recognized the importance of content marketing. You know that businesses that blog get more traffic than those that don’t. But more traffic doesn’t necessarily mean more customers. You have to be able to leverage your blog content in a way that convinces readers to trust you and buy from you.

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  • How to Grow Your Blog by Interviewing Influencers

    By ProBlogger Expert Jerry Low of Web Hosting Secrets Revealed. Regardless of your particular industry, you likely created a blog in order to draw attention and traffic to your brand. A blog is one layer in a broad spectrum of inbound marketing techniques used to build momentum for a business. The ways that you utilize your blog to make an impression may vary, but the one thi ...

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  • How to Grow Your Audience by Getting PR For Your Blog

    Andreea Ayers founded in 2011 after selling a successful t-shirt business, and realised she had plenty to share in terms of selling products successfully online. Her blog focuses on her experience with ecommerce and selling online, moving into PR and teaching product entrepreneurs how to get their products featured in print media and on influential blogs.

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