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  • The One Type Of Blog Post The Will Transform Your Blog Immediately

    This is a guest contribution from Joe Elliott. How hard can it be when you start a new blog, you create crazy amounts of content and then you need to start generating traffic? You bust your butt off to get 20 posts so that you can say you are good to go. You reach out to influencers only to meet their trashcan.

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  • How to Earn Extra Money Freelancing While Starting a Blog

    This is a guest contribution from Kevin Balcker. You should already know that earning money with a blog does not happen overnight. It takes time, consistent publishing of great content, and unique smart ideas to make a blog take off. Depending on the niche you want to get in, ranking in search engines might be tough, and often requires strong SEO skills.

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  • 5 Healthy Work Practices for a ProBlogger

    This is a guest contribution from Chelsea Lee Smith of As a part-time blogger and homeschooling mother of three, I often get asked: “How do you do it all?!” In the past, I usually ran through a few different answers: I have had a regular cleaner at times; I usually do my shopping online to save time; I rarely watch TV; I have occasional childcare.

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  • How To Get Started With Free Travel When Your Blog is Brand New

    This is a guest contribution from Dan Bagby of Honeymoon Always. Many travel bloggers start blogging with dreams of getting free travel around the world. Last year, I set out with the goal to see what it would take to make that a reality – and I was surprised at how little time it took to get upgrades and “freebies” in exchange for coverage on my blog.

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  • 6 Highly Effective Ways to Collect Leads Via Your Blog

    This is a guest contribution from Larry Alton. In the early days of blogging, there were lots of small niche blogs that resembled online journals or diaries. They were nothing more than virtual spaces for storing thoughts, beliefs, and memories. However, as the internet evolved, so did blogging. Hobby bloggers disappeared for the most part and a new wave of bloggers began to ...

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  • Tips for Pitching to Potential Podcast Guests

    This is a guest contribution from Karly Nimmo. As a podcaster, I’m inundated with requests and pitches from people who are looking for some free PR. As a podcaster, I’m totally down with receiving these requests and pitches. I love to hear from people who have something of value to share with my audience. However, as a podcaster, there’s a few things I’m not down with.

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  • 7 Essential Negotiation Skills for Bloggers and Marketers

    Simply muttering the word “negotiation” can strike fear into many bloggers and marketers. Negotiation may even evoke as much fear, anxiety, and stress as public speaking. “Fear in negotiations arises in a variety of circumstances,” the authors of Emotions in Negotiation explain. “If we face an aggressive opponent, if we bargain without adequate preparation, if we sense that o ...

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  • How Videos Can Transform Your Content Marketing Strategy

    This is a guest contribution from Nathalie Cohen-Sheffer. From do-it-yourself tutorials to adorable animal clips, videos are a big part of our life – and business owners as well as bloggers are taking notice. Here are seven reasons why everyone needs to incorporate video into their marketing strategy, and the sooner the better.

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  • How to be a Rad Podcast Host and Avoid your Guest’s Pet Hates

    By Karly Nimmo of Radcasters Podcasting S’cool. As a podcast host, a guest, and from working with hundreds of podcasters, I’ve seen almost everything. The good, the bad and the train wreck ugly (you know, that mess that is hideous but you just can’t look away?). I’ve seen rock solid, rigid processes and systems. I’ve seen chaotic, frantic, fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants mayhem.

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  • Day Four: How to Publish, Promote, and Propagate Your Article

    This is part five in a series on Content Marketing Strategies from Pamela Wilson of Big Brand System. It’s your fourth and final content production day: time to hit publish! Need to catch up on the rest of the 4 Day Content Creation System? Here are the previous posts: A System for Easily Publishing Consistently Great Content Day 1: How to Build a “Backbone” for Your C ...

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  • 5 Ridiculous SEO Myths Every Blogger Should Ignore

    SEO scares or confuses most bloggers and for very good reason. Google makes it a challenge for you to understand what they are doing, and they keep changing the rules. If that were not enough, there is also a lot of half-baked information out there and blog posts filled with the wrong information.

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  • Blogging in 2017: How to Disrupt and Get Noticed

    This is a guest contribution from Sam Warren of Rankpay I’ve got good news and bad news. The bad news is this: that boring content you’re probably peddling? It’s not worth it anymore. It has its place, but it’s not going to take you to that next level. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not your fault for going about content marketing like this. We all do. We’ve been taught to.

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  • A System for Easily Publishing Consistently Great Content – A Pamela Wilson Series

    This five-part series is a guest contribution from Pamela Wilson of Big Brand System. Content marketing works — you know that. It’s one big reason you read ProBlogger! You like the content here and you want to learn more about how to create it yourself. It’s all well and good to talk about how to write content effectively, of course. But at some point, you’ve got to actually do it. Regularly.

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