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  • Student Loan Default Rates Really Suck

    Today, the New York Fed released the Quarterly Report on Household Debt and Credit for the fourth quarter of 2014. The report is based on data from the New York Fed’s Consumer Credit Panel, a nationally repr ...

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  • How to Achieve Findependence at Age 31

    The following article is a guest post by Sean Cooper who blogs about personal finance at Sean Cooper Writer. A lot of people consider “Freedom 55” a stretch goal, but for me “Freedom 31” will soon be a reality. In 14 short months, I’ll be able be call myself financial independent. Financial independence or “findependence,” a term coined by veteran personal finance columnist Jo ...

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  • How the Blue Note hits the high notes with Facebook fans

    Since 1981, The Blue Note Jazz Club is considered one of the world’s most premier jazz clubs. I sat down with the club’s Director of Marketing and Publicity, Jordy Freed, to discuss what role Facebook ads play in filling seats. Jordy was quick to remind me that Blue Note was much more than the hallowed space that occupies a quiet corner of West 3rd St. in the Greenwich Village section of NYC.

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  • A smarter way to optimize your campaigns on Facebook

    We work daily with the largest e-commerce companies in Europe and have learned valuable lessons about the optimal way to plan and build your Facebook campaigns. The topic sounds straightforward, but a lot of advertisers struggle with the best practices. If you want to spend your advertising euros (or dollars) as effectively as possible, an optimized campaign structure is crucial.

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  • 2015 digital marketing predictions for Facebook

    2015 digital marketing predictions for Facebook As the New Year approaches, it’s important to reflect on how the trends we’ve seen in the past year will impact marketers in the year ahead. For marketers, 2015 will be the year of more personalized customer interactions, a time to leverage more accurate measurement tools, and the time to fully embrace the rapid mobile expansion around the world.

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  • Looking ahead: Facebook strategy for 2015

    The social landscape is undergoing near-constant change, and with that, so must a brand’s strategy. As 2014 closes, marketers are prepping for the upcoming year by strategizing ways to leverage opportunities and overcome challenges. The way in which audiences are consuming content is rapidly evolving and it’s up to brands to make sure that their Facebook strategy is congruent ...

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  • Overcoming Facebook targeting challenges

    There are times when Facebook advertisers lose customers and can’t spend their daily budgets because their own campaigns compete against each other, even before reaching the online auction. The reason is due to duplicate targeting. You can prevent the problem by designing your campaigns carefully with the instructions in this article.

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  • Facebook advertising: Marketing or stalking?

    As search and marketing evolve, new advances – particularly Facebook’s recent re-launch of its Atlas ad platform, which measures ad campaigns across screens and allows brands to target real people across mobile and the web – pose questions like how much is too much tracking, and how will consumers react to brands becoming more targeted in their marketing efforts? With careful targeting, trackin.

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  • 4 ways to prepare your business for Facebook’s like gate ban

    By now you’ve surely heard about Facebook’s like gate ban that will go into effect on Nov. 5. If you somehow missed it, here’s a quick rundown. In August, Facebook announced that they would no longer allow businesses pages to like-gate or fan-gate their content. In essence this means businesses can longer withhold information or materials from their fans in exchange for “liking” their page.

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  • How can Facebook help grow your email list?

    Imagine the direct impact on supporter relations if the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge had included a way to capture email. What an amazing moment for the ALS to identify those supporters willing to further share their support, learn more or even get more deeply involved. With hundreds of thousands of people suddenly exposed to their cause, and motivated to engage with the mission, ...

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  • Facebook’s cookie-free targeting with Atlas: one step closer to Minority Report?

    If you saw the Tom Cruise movie “Minority Report,” you probably remember the scene when he walks by The Gap and a retinal scan triggers a series of advertisements that also include a history of his past purchases. If you’re also a passionate digital marketer, you probably saw that and thought, “Whoa, that’s creepy and cool at the same time!” While personal physiological ident ...

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  • How should you value your Facebook fans?

    (This is an excerpt from Todd Denis’ detailed post about Facebook fan value on Augmo.) What should you pay for a Facebook fan heading into 2015? Common sense and the average marketing budget says it’s about $1 per fan – but the potential value of that fan to your brand is likely much higher. This in-depth article addresses the pros and the cons of widely known Fan Acquisitio ...

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