Hanna Andrzejewska

  • How to Avoid Email Spam Folders #infographic

    If it looks like a duck, quacks likes a duck, and swims like a duck — it’s probably a duck. And that’s how spam filters analyze incoming emails. So to avoid spam folders, the solution is clear: don’t let your emails look or sound like spam. Our infographic is a quick checklist of email elements that need special attention.

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  • Writing the Perfect Customer Service Email #INFOGRAPHIC

    A single mishap can destroy a business relationship. Maybe you’ve used many marketing channels to establish, maintain, and nurture long-term relationships with customers and leads – almost on a one-to-one basis. But that single miscommunication can completely destroy your marketing efforts. How? It often happens when customer service emails are mishandled.

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  • How to Use Video in Email #Infographic

    Persuasive copy and attention-grabbing pictures aren’t enough anymore. Lately, standard sales pitches and product presentations fall flat. That’s why more and more email marketers are reaching out for non-standard strategies and a broader approach. Of them all, video in email turns out to be exceptionally effective. Today’s infographic presents some ideas on how to do it right.

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