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  • Internet Marketing Guru Lee McKenna Exposed as Broke Scammer

    Share ! tweet A guy who billed himself as an internet marketing guru and genius, Lee McKenna has been sentenced to two years in prison for scamming people out of their hard-earned money. The conman was accused of running a pyramid scheme, which has been illegal since the first caveman told his friend Glub to give him one coconut, then ask his friends and family to give Glub ...

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  • SEC Bans Fantasy Football

    Share ! tweet The SEC network is banning fantasy football ads, as the league’s commissioner has declared daily draft games “a form of gambling”. This comes as a bit of a shock to DraftKing and FanDuel, since fantasy football has long been classified as a game of skill. “Is it a form of gambling, is it a form of skill game, and I think there is some question about that,” SEC ...

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  • Video Marketing on Facebook

    Share ! tweet Social networks, such as Facebook, provide platforms which allow for rapid information sharing. Facebook specifically exacerbates the spread of information with algorithms which prioritize new, fresh, and popular content. While this feature is fantastic for spreading new and exciting information, it does not lend itself easily to branding content.

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  • Native Advertising Disclosure Label Issues

    Share ! tweet Though controversial, native advertising is one of the fastest-growing fads in media. The format of the advertisements mimics editorial pieces Native advertising has accounted for a small portion of most advertising budgets; however, 63 percent of ANA members who were surveyed said that they would increase their native advertising budget for the upcoming year.

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  • Best Sites For Naked News Anchors

    Share ! tweet NakedNewsAnchors.com is unique; not just in the adult industry, but in the news industry as well. They offer real news from around the world, including sports and entertainment; presented by sexy, stripping, naked women. The combination of news, comedy, and sex practically promotes itself, and NakedNewsAnchors have had nothing but success for over ten years.

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  • DirtyboyVideo Moves to NATS

    Share ! tweet Sister sites DirtyBoyVideo and StraightBoysFucking have moved their affiliate programs to the NATS platform and are now offering new affiliates payouts up to 60%. NATS, if you haven’t heard the term before, is affiliate tracking software which offers hundreds of features to stabilize and maintain good relationships between websites and their promoters.

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  • MiKandi Launches Adult Mobile App Store

    Share ! tweet Adult app store MiKandi is looking for beta testers! The site recently launched HTML5 support for all touch devices. Now players using Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone and desktop computer can enjoy adult mobile games such as Fap Ninja, 8 Bit Dick, Strip Ninja by Doxy, and more.

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  • Kink.com Creates Camera Orgy with Flirt4Free

    Share ! tweet KinkLive.com has reached critical mass, and is expanding. The site partnered with Flirt4Free.com in a mutually beneficial fetish cam extravaganza. Flirt4Free is providing the technological back end, and KinkLive is providing the niche. The two companies combined to form the new entity, Kink Studios. Flirt4Free is now rebranding its fetish models through KinkLive.com.

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  • Hologram Porn is Coming?

    Share ! tweet Since the dawn of time, porn has been the leader of new technology. The first moving pictures… heck, even the first pictures… were pornographic in nature. From cave paintings to live streaming, the porn industry has driven technology forward at breakneck speeds. New technology was always funded by the high demand for old technology; in recent years, that system ...

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  • Nikki Benz To Relaunch Site

    Share ! tweet Nikki Benz is re-launching her site, Nikkibenz.com. She has also announced the release of her new movie, featuring an all-girl cast starring herself, Phoenix Marie, Tasha Reign, Abella Danger, and Ana Fox. The movie, entitled Girls Love Nikki, is produced and directed by Ms. Benz herself.

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  • Titanmen.com: New Look, New Opportunities.

    Share ! tweet Titanmen.com has overhauled its site with a new tour! The tour soft launched in July, and since then the tour has increased conversions across all traffic, and overall membership join income has increased by twenty-five percent. The new and improved tour is responsive, offers high-definition images and movie trailers, and has opened a whole new world of opportu ...

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  • What is the Ashley Madison Fallout?

    Share ! tweet The fallout from the Ashley Madison hack seems spectacularly dramatic. At least four suicides have been linked to the hack, and people such as Christian Theologian R.C. Sproul Jr., have resigned from positions of authority. Most ominous of all are the blackmail emails. A blackmailer who calls him/herself Barton has sent hundreds of emails to Ashley Madison user ...

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  • Transgender Erotica Awards Date Change 2016

    Share ! tweet The dates for the Transgender Erotica Awards for 2016 have changed. The awards have always taken place on President’s Day weekend, but next year the Grammy’s have taken the desired time slot. Having the Grammy’s in town will increase hotel prices, traffic, and general hassle. Fortunately, the people running the show have been able to make the change well in adv ...

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  • GameLink.com Supports Deez Nuts

    Share ! tweet GameLink.com has joined the ranks of political supporters. GameLink’s Labor Day Sale is 15% off of everything from September 4th through September 7th, and a portion of the proceeds go towards the campaign of their chosen nominee: Deez Nuts. Their Labor Day Sale tagline? “Deez Prices Are Nuts!” Yes, you read that right.

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  • Twitter and Adult Marketing

    Share ! tweet Social media is reinventing the marketing industry. Never before have words, ideas, and brands been able to catch fire and reach so many people simultaneously. Hashtags and followers bring the customers to you, and it doesn’t cost a dime. Usually. Facebook has developed some issues with their algorithm recently, making organic likes and shares harder to come by.

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  • Rentboy.com Raided by Feds

    Share ! tweet “On August 25, 2015, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) raided the New York offices of Rentboy.com, an online advertising network featuring gay escorts. Seven individuals were arrested, including the owner, Jeff Hurant. All of Mr. Hurant’s business and personal assets have been seized, and are subject to forfeiture.

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  • Babysitters Big in Porn Marketing Now

    Share ! tweet A new HD fantasy porn site is making waves in the adult industry. Zero Tolerance, a porn site known for its creative fetish stories, has used its success to launch Babysittered.com; and they are very excited about it. The creators are fully aware of how the porn industry and its consumers have suffered under the overwhelming quantity of low-quality, cookie-cutter pornography.

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  • Adult Affiliate Marketing: Pop-Unders Vs. Banner Ads

    Share ! tweet Competition is fierce in the world of adult affiliate marketing. New affiliates enter the scene every day. It makes sense; the adult industry remains strong in the face of economic downswing, political shifts, and changes in social awareness. Humans are driven to mate, and pornography tricks the brain into thinking that the body is having sex with the people on screen.

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