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  • Long Tail Brand Queries

    In SEO, there’s been years of talking about how to own your brand SERP and how to ensure that you get that quality Named Entity Recognition from Google…. But stop for a minute. How often do you actually just search the name of a bricks and mortar store or a brand? Typically, a consumer is looking for specific information about that store when they head online to search, for ...

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  • The Benefits of Marketing Deja Vu

    Do you ever get that weird sense of deja vu? You knew exactly what your colleague was about to say or what would happen next. It feels like you’ve seen it all before. Technically this is caused by a delay between the two sides of your brain processing the information; one side sees the event subconsciously and then again when you fully recognise the event.

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  • Building Digital Trust

    If you’re not internet-savvy then the online world can be a scary place. For many it’s an entirely different language, and there’s the ability for those who understand the internet to deceive and manipulate people for their own gains. Often this is through various types of fraud and scam e-commerce sites.

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  • Which SEO trends are here to stay?

    Just five months ago, I wrote a piece for State of Digital discussing the question ‘Can we future-proof our sites?’ I spoke about staying on top of your technical integrity and how you need to be aware of the latest trends to be ahead of the curve. If you took my advice, it’s likely you’re now overwhelmed from the exciting advancements taking place in SEO (and digital marketing as a whole).

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  • Outreach And Customer Engagement the Right Way

    Working in digital, in particular in content and outreach, has made me fairly cynical of brands and bloggers. I hate the “I really enjoyed [insert article name here], please feature my product” style emails that we so frequently get. In fact, the White.net inbox gets around 20-30 of these per day requesting we include the latest tool onto an old blog post. Not thrilling.

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  • Selling SEO

    Over the years there’s been a huge increase in the number of agencies and the competition for SEO work. Sometimes it feels like brands just switch between a series of 4 or 5 agencies, so if you want to break into that market then you need to know how to sell yourself. Here I’ll talk through the typical sales process we see and top tips for improving your success rate if you’re ...

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  • Feeling emotional? When Feelings and Social Media Collide

    When Facebook launched Reactions globally in February this year, its place was to fill the gap between people wanting a quick way to interact with someone’s News Feed and their understanding that sometimes a ‘like’ just didn’t cover it. Fast forward just four months and the data on their usage must be 🙁 for Facebook to say the least.

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  • SEO Health Check – Can we future-proof our sites?

    In the digital industry, there are constant scare tactics used that make us feel what we are doing just simply isn’t good enough. With the ‘death of SEO‘ and ‘Mobilegeddon’ it starts to feel like every latest update will be the start of the digital apocalypse. So how do we make sure we will survive? The Initial Check As we all know, there have been lots of big changes to how ...

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  • How to Listen to Your Audience

    There are two core groups of people you can split your business’ audience into; customers and consumers. Those who have purchased from you, and those who may purchase but are yet to. Understanding the wants and needs of these groups will strengthen your brand’s position in the market. For customers, it’s all about securing their loyalty for maximum lifetime value and inspiring ...

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  • Growing your SEO Knowledge

    Working in the digital industry, we are lucky to be in a fast-paced and exciting environment most of the time. The constraints within which we do our jobs are ever-changing, allowing continual personal development which keeps us all engaged in the work we do. Whilst this is great for marketing innovation, the other benefit is it breaks down so many of the barriers to entry into the industry.

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  • Boosting your Client Relationships

    5 September 2016 BY Hannah Thorpe No matter how competent a team is at producing marketing strategies, half the decisions made regarding client-agency relationships are often based on chemistry. The pitch phase so often involves a meeting of main points of contact to check how the working relationship will be.

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  • Taking digital offline: Lessons in SEO from the high street

    Real estate in the Google search results is similar to real estate on the physical high street. It’s a place where brands are able to advertise their products and services, drawing customers in to make their final purchases. So does this mean that what we see on the high street might reflect the changes we are starting to see in search engines too? Recently I attended an O ...

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  • Marketing to Marketers

    Estimated reading time: 9 minutes, 14 seconds Time for a confession- I spend so long doing marketing for other people that I forget to do marketing for myself. Whether that’s promoting the agency I work for, or my own personal brand building, the fact is if you’re marketing 9 to 5 for other people by the time it comes to your own stuff you can be pretty sick of it.

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  • Should Google be trying to control our decision-making?

    Estimated reading time: 5 minutes, 49 seconds Search Engines, and in particular, Google, have a massive impact in our lives. We utilise these services on a pretty much daily basis, so to some extent we must all be influenced by Google – it’s our portal to the information we look for and need to conduct our day-to-day lives.

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  • What To Do When Your Creative Well Runs Dry

    Estimated reading time: 4 minutes, 56 seconds Creativity, and how to find inspiration, is something that we cover a lot on State of Digital. In fact it’s something that gets a lot of airtime in the digital marketing industry as a whole. There is a constant demand for creative ideas, yet when it comes to supply we find ourselves running short.

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