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  • How 5 brands have used facial recognition technology

    In the 1956 sci-fi novella “Minority Report,” Philip K. Dick predicted technology advances that are now commonplace, such as personalized advertising and facial recognition software; foreshadowing the future of marketing and branding. In 2015, much from the fiction — and the 2002 movie adaptation of it — doesn’t seem so far fetched.

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  • Cheech & Chong be gone: Rebranding pot for a new era

    Now that laws and attitudes around marijuana use have shifted in the U.S., pot itself is due for a rebranding. Historically, the marijuana brand has been synonymous — fairly or not — with dumb stoners, sporting the image of a green pot leaf on everything from t-shirts to tights to lighters. The branding to date has conjured up images of anti-authority and a rebellious subculture.

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  • Virtual reality (finally) gets real

    Virtual reality is definitely having a moment in media. Last month in Cannes, CBS Interactive announced a new virtual reality division, charged with incorporating a VR component into each of its 25 brands. CBS Media Group’s reach extends from CNN and TVGuide.com to Chowhound and TV.com — meaning virtual reality could be positioned to become the hottest new medium in the mass-m ...

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