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  • SEM Account Audits: A Can’t-Miss Checklist

    SEM Account Audits: A Can’t-Miss Checklist Posted: 05.24.2016 When taking on a preexisting account, you will first want to conduct an account audit. It is also helpful to have someone unfamiliar with an account conduct occasional audits of accounts, since a fresh set of eyes can often uncover opportunities that team members steeped in the day-to-day of account management may ...

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  • Location extensions: a troubleshooting guide

    Location extensions: a troubleshooting guide Posted: 04.05.2016 For those of us with brick-and-mortar businesses, management of location extensions became much easier when Google provided the option to link Google My Business (GMB) to AdWords back in 2014. Now, all business locations can be managed in one place, and we no longer have to worry about manually adding new or upd ...

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  • Save Money with Negative Audiences

    Save Money with Negative Audiences Posted: 02.09.2016 Likely you are leveraging Audience targeting for RLSA or Display Retargeting, and you may even have audiences attached to all ad groups as bid-only to see what different cohorts are up to. That’s all good, but are you negging out audiences that you don’t wish your ads to serve to? If not, add these in now to start saving! ...

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  • Bing’s Universal Event Tracking: the story behind inflated conversions

    A lot of my colleagues and I have seen suspiciously inflated numbers for conversions, conversion rate, and revenue since implementing Bing’s new Universal Event Tracking (UET). Some of the increases can be explained away by the new pixel’s inability to dedupe conversions…but not all of them. Three reasons for this: 1.

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