Helen Edwards

  • New in AdWords: Adding Search Queries as Keywords Just Got Easier

    Google isn’t wasting any time this new year in rolling out new features. I found the first update to the AdWords user interface in 2016 today while adding converting search queries to my keyword lists for a client. Under the search terms tab, you can now add specific bids to keywords when you want to add the search term as a keyword. The column is brand new.

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  • The Emotional Science Behind PPC Ads

    After surveying a number of Paid Search Analysts here at WordStream, I was able to conclude the following: PPC can be really boring! I asked my peers to describe paid search in a few words. Their answers included: mundane, bland, dry, a numbers game, tedious, and mind-numbing. It doesn’t have to be, though! Lots of experts love this field because actions drive results. It’s quantitative.

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  • Gmail Sponsored Promotions Released from Beta! (Again…)

    When Google originally tested Gmail Sponsored Promotions (GSP), they lived in their own UI (not in AdWords). Google saw success with the beta and released it to AdWords, where it became available to all advertisers. There were some issues with the AdWords integration, so GSP was put back into its original beta state.

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