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  • How To Remove Bad Reviews From Google Local By Responding

    We all know by now that more and more people are using their cell phones to find products and services. In fact, Google Maps is the most used smartphone app, used by 54% of all smartphone users. That's a lot of online Local searches. Google themselves have produced research showing that over 55% of people doing a search on their phone take a conversion action within 1 hour, ...

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  • Better URL Level Reporting With Google Tag Manager

    ...When you Can't Even use a DataLayer! Have you ever needed to change the URL of your pages tracked by Google Analytics, so you can better understand how your content is performing? For example, sometimes your site may have been built so that all of your product pages or blog posts are directly on the root of your domain, instead of being in a /products or /blog folder.

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  • How to Track Empty Search Results in Google Tag Manager

    …When You Can't Edit the Site! Level of difficulty: 3.5/5 Have you ever wondered if people are searching for things on your website and getting NO RESULTS back? If there's anything that says to a potential customer that you can't help them, it's showing them 0 search results and giving them no hope of finding something on your site when they do a search.

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  • How to See If Your Blog is Converting

    Everybody's talking about content. Content is the new SEO… content feeds inbound… content drives digital. For most businesses, it's probably true, but how do you find out for sure if your content is driving your business forward? Do you have to suffer a lack of data and make business decisions based only on assumptions? Nope! Image by Lorenzo Sernicola .

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