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  • How artificial intelligence is informing how fashion designers create

    Since launching “TommyNow,” a series of fashion collections made immediately available for purchase worldwide as they sashayed down the runway on co-designer Gigi Hadid and her crew of models, designer Tommy Hilfiger has never moved faster. For one, the collection goes from design to market in six months, a clip three times faster than traditional collections.

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  • Why see-now-buy-now makes sense for China’s luxury customers

    The see-now-buy-now runway model has found a fitting audience — not in the U.S. or Europe, but in China. NYFW: China Day, a new initiative formed in partnership between Alibaba’s e-commerce marketplace Tmall and industry trade association the Council of Fashion Designers of America, will launch this February during the men’s fall 2018 runway shows.

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  • Inside the on-demand designer production process that could replace see-now-buy-now

    Ever since it became widely accepted that the fashion calendar is broken, the industry hasn’t been able to find a fix-all solution that would bring the release of designer collections in line with changing customer demands. See-now-buy-now, thanks to being a drastic and expensive undertaking, never became the revolutionary movement it was propped up to be.

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  • The Off-White guide to the new diffusion line

    With a new, more affordable collection of T-shirts and sweatshirts, Virgil Abloh’s label Off-White is reviving the diffusion line for the streetwear set. The “For All” collection, released Monday, is an eight-piece line of apparel that sells for less than a third of like styles in the original Off-White collection.

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  • Speed-to-market: How luxury brands are picking up the pace of production cycles

    In luxury fashion, speed matters more than ever. Labels like Gucci, Ralph Lauren, Coach, Helmut Lang, Burberry and Rag & Bone — all brands that could once call the shots around trends and fashion cycles — are adopting new strategies focused on increased flexibility and faster-paced production windows, in order to adapt to increasing competition and an in-control customer.

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  • For fashion brands, 2018 will be the year of the ‘influencer roster’

    The Instagramming and unboxing mass of inspirational lifestyle gurus known as influencers are only becoming increasingly central to the marketing strategies of fashion and luxury brands in 2018. There are still frustrations, as brands figure out how to track the results of campaigns and sponsored posts, including conversions and the value in engagement.

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  • How Swarovski is winning over Chinese customers on WeChat

    Swarovski spent the Christmas holiday gunning for Chinese customers on WeChat. The luxury brand launched a campaign on the China-based social and messaging app to drive engagement, brand awareness and purchases (both online and in stores) during the Christmas season, which is seeing more consumer traction in the region.

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  • Why Matches Fashion is investing more in shoppable video

    It wasn’t until Matches Fashion started seeing results that the online luxury retailer began investing more in its in-house video creation team. This year, Matches expanded its video team from one employee to six to support a marketing agenda that aims to produce about one video per week. The strategy: Anchor video content around the retailer’s exclusive capsule collections a ...

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  • How China’s luxury e-commerce market will evolve in 2018

    In 2017, Western luxury brands embarked on a migration in an eastern direction. To drive revenue, they had to more aggressively tap into the one region that has showed consistent sales growth, while the rest of the world’s luxury purchases have slowed: Asia, and China in particular. Over the past several months, Gucci and Louis Vuitton opened e-commerce stores to sell directl ...

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  • ‘This was a pivotal time’: Amazon’s year in fashion

    An action-packed year for Amazon, the retail giant expended plenty of energy building up its fashion business in 2017. While the retailer has had a hard time convincing fashion brands to sell on its platform, its apparel business shouldn’t be underestimated. Cowen & Co. predicted this year that Amazon will sell $28 billion worth of clothing in 2018, and that by 2021, it wi ...

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  • Timeline: A look back at Amazon’s big year

    Amazon isn’t one to take a year off. After reaching $22 trillion in global retail sales in 2016, the e-commerce giant flexed its tentacles and entrenched itself even deeper in a handful of industries this year, like physical and online retail, advertising, video streaming and payments. From the $13.

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  • ‘People hate it’: Marketers embrace open-office plans but feel the downsides

    In the name of agility, big marketers are bringing down silos and encouraging collaboration across departments. The problem: Employees are now stuck in open-office floor plans they hate and cause them to resent their loud-talking neighbors more than want to collaborate with them. Open-office floor plans have swept company headquarters as an outgrowth of Silicon Valley envy.

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  • ‘We had to pull all of our ads off YouTube’: Marketers sound off on brand safety

    It’s a scary time for marketers: Somewhere in the depths of YouTube, your brand’s campaign ad could be the pre-roll video playing before an ISIS video. Brand safety was a top-of-mind topic at the Digiday Marketing Summit, taking place this week in the Bahamas. Marketers got together to discuss the right mode of action to take when a programmatic ad surfaces on a polarizing sit ...

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  • Unwrapping Barneys’ holiday social media strategy

    In the holiday spirit, Barneys is attracting new Instagram followers with the promise of thousands of dollars in gift giveaways. Beginning today, the retailer is hosting a series of gift giveaways on its social media channels, with the hashtag “Barneys Unwrapped.” From December 4 to 9, Barneys will be giving away items from its holiday gift collection, including a pair of Guc ...

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  • Rebecca Minkoff uses VR for planning stores

    Rebecca Minkoff sees more possibilities for virtual reality in retail beyond laying a pair of goggles on a store customer’s face and letting them watch the latest fashion show. In fact, the brand wants to be the first brand to meet and sell to customers in a virtual reality world, once customers are actually ready to shop in a virtual setting where nothing they see is actuall ...

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