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  • This NYFW season, designers embraced fashion show freedom

    Fashion designers have never had more freedom when deciding how to format their collection presentations. The traditional fashion week format — a runway show at a main fashion week venue — is still the most common. Designers who hold a runway presentation at a sponsored venue, like the Skylight Clarkson Square, are often doing so out of necessity.

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  • How Vans’ vp of design put the aging brand on every cool kid’s radar

    When Vans collaborated with Japanese contemporary artist Takashi Murakami for a line of sneakers and apparel in 2015, the world’s cool kids took notice. The patterns — Murakami’s signature psychedelic designs in a bold rainbow of colors — debuted at a celebration in Downtown Manhattan, at Soho’s Opening Ceremony store.

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  • The fashion show production process goes digital

    The fashion show production process, which traditionally happens by way of email chains, Microsoft Office, in-person meetings and printouts of Powerpoint decks, is transitioning to the digital world — albeit slowly. At LDJ Productions, a fashion production agency that worked with ...

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  • How Who What Wear’s first multi-brand runway show came together

    Designers aren’t the only ones hopping aboard the see-now-buy-now bandwagon. In an effort to capitalize on its readers’ rapt attention during fashion month, Who What Wear organized a fashion show aligned with the start of New York Fashion Week. On Wednesday night, the fashion and shopping ...

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  • Day in the Life: GQ Style’s fashion director Mobolaji Dawodu

    GQ Style fashion director Mobolaji Dawodu spends so little time at his desk, he says it’s collecting dust. “I’m not a desk person, even when I am in the office, I’m walking around — I’m always on,” he said. Dawodu, who joined GQ Style a year ago from The Fader, was promoted this month from style editor to fashion director. A week ago, the ...

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  • The future of the American mall

    Somewhere in suburbia, a shopping mall stands empty, spookily devoid of the retailers and bustling foot traffic that marked the golden era of the mammoth-sized mall. Photos of such centers, now gutted and grim, have become visual evidence of a fact-of-retail: The mall is dead. But, that’s not quite the case. “The malls that are anchored by bad ...

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  • How Warby Parker collaborations drive the brand’s social impact

    To coincide with the launch of a new limited-edition collection, Warby Parker is making a donation to The Girlgaze Project, a multimedia platform created to support women in creative roles. In collaboration with fashion photographer Amanda de Cadenet, Warby Parker is releasing three new styles of glasses, each designed in ...

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  • New York men’s fashion week wants to bring designers back to the US

    Men, of course, have always worn clothes. But it’s only in the past few years that a tide has turned, and more men have taken an interest in style. Athletes like Cam Newton and stars like Kanye West have been given some credit for killing off the 2000’s term metrosexual. “It’s a recent thing that men are becoming OK with the idea of shopping, basically,” said Jian DeLeon, mens ...

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  • Flush with investment cash, online resale startups enter an international growth race

    Venture capitalists and fashion startups don’t always see each other eye-to-eye — but investors are currently placing big bets on one fashion-tech sector: the online resale marketplace. According to data from fashion investment community FashInvest, investors funneled more than $175 million into the online reselling industry in 2016. The question of when the inevitabl ...

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  • Why Nordstrom is experimenting with in-store pop-ups

    At Nordstrom, vp of creative projects Olivia Kim is in charge of knowing what’s cool and incorporating it into the department store’s mix of merchandise. Her latest achievement: Pulling together a three-part series of in-store pop-ups with Korean fashion and beauty brands. The series, titled KPOP-In@Nordstrom, kicked off with a collaboration with Korean eyewear brand Gentle Mo ...

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  • #NastyWoman: Inside the spread of feminist merchandise on Instagram

    When Donald Trump muttered a loaded insult at Hillary Clinton during a presidential debate in October, Amanda Brinkman took the opportunity to reverse the narrative and print the phrase on a T-shirt, turning it into a badge of honor. “Nasty Woman” shirts, which display the words in capital letters over a pink heart, went up for sale that night on Brinkman’s “Google Ghost” Shop ...

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  • Couture is getting crunched in an increasingly consumer fashion calendar

    On Sunday, Versace was scheduled to show its couture collection at Paris Haute Couture Week, which kicked off the same day. But following an announcement from the atelier, the slot was left vacant. Versace has pulled out of Couture Week, citing one reason that’s been ringing true in the luxury fashion industry for more than a year now: It’s simply too much.

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  • Revlon’s restructuring plan represents the future of legacy beauty

    Legacy beauty companies are competing in an arms race to buy up the most buzzworthy, trendy and innovative brands. Revlon is the latest to announce a new restructuring plan that puts the company’s individual brands at the center of its strategy, rather than retail channels. Revlon’s branches of business will be divided and or ...

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  • JCPenney looks to recreate success of Sephora shops with Nike

    To power through a period of disappointing sales, JCPenney is hoping another smart store-within-a-store play will boost the department store. The company announced Tuesday that it would open Nike brand shops inside 600 JCPenney locations, which will house an expanded collection of apparel, shoes and accessories.

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  • How fashion brands are using WhatsApp

    Fashion brands are getting chatty on WhatsApp with the messaging platform’s 1 billion reported users. Brands like Diesel, Burberry, Clarks, Agent Provocateur and Kenneth Cole have begun testing the space, which attracts global users to data-free messaging groups, for new marketing and customer service initiatives. It’s still early days for brands on WhatsApp — ...

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  • Pre-fall has become a place for brands to experiment with fashion shows

    The name “pre-fall” doesn’t accurately describe the current fashion season that began at the end of November and lasts throughout January. It’s really a non-season season: Designers put out collections featuring a mix of warm and cold weather wears, items that can sit on department store floors and in online retailer lineups for a few months without being marked down by discounts.

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  • What Snapchat’s latest ad features mean for fashion brands

    Snapchat is bulking up its ad features again, and for fashion brands, the latest updates could lead to greater conversion on the platform. Snapchat’s parent company, Snap Inc., announced Wednesday that it would be adding deep linking and autofill for lead generation forms to the phot ...

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  • How the beauty industry became a leading voice for social activism

    Corrie Conrad had been working at Google as a senior project manager for eight years when she began interviewing at Sephora in January of 2015. The beauty retailer was in search of someone to head a newly carved out “social impact” division, an effort that would advance the company’s scattered value-driven efforts by combining them under one umbrella.

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