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  • Couture is getting crunched in an increasingly consumer fashion calendar

    On Sunday, Versace was scheduled to show its couture collection at Paris Haute Couture Week, which kicked off the same day. But following an announcement from the atelier, the slot was left vacant. Versace has pulled out of Couture Week, citing one reason that’s been ringing true in the luxury fashion industry for more than a year now: It’s simply too much.

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  • Revlon’s restructuring plan represents the future of legacy beauty

    Legacy beauty companies are competing in an arms race to buy up the most buzzworthy, trendy and innovative brands. Revlon is the latest to announce a new restructuring plan that puts the company’s individual brands at the center of its strategy, rather than retail channels. Revlon’s branches of business will be divided and or ...

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  • JCPenney looks to recreate success of Sephora shops with Nike

    To power through a period of disappointing sales, JCPenney is hoping another smart store-within-a-store play will boost the department store. The company announced Tuesday that it would open Nike brand shops inside 600 JCPenney locations, which will house an expanded collection of apparel, shoes and accessories.

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  • How fashion brands are using WhatsApp

    Fashion brands are getting chatty on WhatsApp with the messaging platform’s 1 billion reported users. Brands like Diesel, Burberry, Clarks, Agent Provocateur and Kenneth Cole have begun testing the space, which attracts global users to data-free messaging groups, for new marketing and customer service initiatives. It’s still early days for brands on WhatsApp — ...

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  • Pre-fall has become a place for brands to experiment with fashion shows

    The name “pre-fall” doesn’t accurately describe the current fashion season that began at the end of November and lasts throughout January. It’s really a non-season season: Designers put out collections featuring a mix of warm and cold weather wears, items that can sit on department store floors and in online retailer lineups for a few months without being marked down by discounts.

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  • What Snapchat’s latest ad features mean for fashion brands

    Snapchat is bulking up its ad features again, and for fashion brands, the latest updates could lead to greater conversion on the platform. Snapchat’s parent company, Snap Inc., announced Wednesday that it would be adding deep linking and autofill for lead generation forms to the phot ...

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  • How the beauty industry became a leading voice for social activism

    Corrie Conrad had been working at Google as a senior project manager for eight years when she began interviewing at Sephora in January of 2015. The beauty retailer was in search of someone to head a newly carved out “social impact” division, an effort that would advance the company’s scattered value-driven efforts by combining them under one umbrella.

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  • Milk Makeup’s second phase: More retail storefronts and plenty of live video

    Just shy of one year after its inception, Milk Makeup has its sights set on international expansion. The makeup brand, founded by the creative agency and production company Milk Studios, debuted last February with a line of easy-to-use beauty products for the face, eyes and lips that’s now sold in Sephora, Urban Outfitters and Birchbox, ...

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  • Marie Claire’s Anne Fulenwider: ‘Women’s issues have always been at the forefront’

    On Tuesday night, Marie Claire editor in chief Anne Fulenwider is hosting the magazine’s second Image Makers Awards, a night in Los Angeles that honors the behind-the-scenes talent of makeup artists, stylists and more. This year’s event at Catch LA will build upon the first, inviting more guests and celebrity presenters, including Jennifer Aniston an ...

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  • Maison Kitsuné: What’s next for the brand that forecasted the future of fashion

    On a Thursday night in Manhattan’s Soho neighborhood, a line formed within the confines of a velvet rope outside of the Soho Grand Hotel. The guests, coddled in fur coats and standing upon spiky heeled boots, were early, waiting for 7 p.m. to head into a hidden room tucked away on the hotel’s second floor behind a thick curtain. When parted, the curtain revealed an int ...

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  • Fewer influencers, more conversations: Fashion’s 2017 resolutions

    With a new year ahead of us, it’s time to consider what improvements, advancements and changes 2017 will have in store for the fashion industry. After a tumultuous 2016, observers can expect fashion and luxury brands and retailers to revert back to basics while embracing a renewed perspective on some of the industry’s biggest areas. For example, Instagram will do ...

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  • The Glossy guide to what’s in and out for 2017

    Fashion is, naturally, all about the haves and the have-nots. And with 2016 behind us and a new year ahead, it’s time to take stock of who’s in the in crowd. Over the last 12 months, social media tools have jostled for position in brand arsenals, influencers aged and the way we consume our fashion media has changed. ...

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  • When personal brands go wrong: How Nasty Gal suffered while its founder soared

    With two books on the Amazon No. 1 best-seller list and her name attached to the millennial career woman moniker “Girlboss,” Sophia Amoruso is a modern day success story for aspiring entrepreneurs who watched her rise from a dumpster diving, vintage clothing peddler on eBay to the founder of e-commerce store Nasty Gal, a retail runaway success story.

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  • How brands and publishers used Facebook Messenger this holiday season

    For retailers looking to differentiate themselves from the pack during the holidays, Facebook Messenger shops and chatbots are the season’s hottest tools — they’re driving positive PR and, if they’re lucky, some sales. So far, Facebook Messenger for retailers, which rolled out in April, has emerged as ...

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  • How Sephora is revamping its fragrance category

    Sephora, which first entered the Parisian beauty market in 1970 as a perfumery chain, is making strides both in stores and online to get its customers to buy more fragrances. At a press event last fall, Calvin McDonald, Sephora’s president and CEO, said the category has been “commoditized by discounts,” and that shoppers are most driven by price than any other factor when maki ...

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  • A comprehensive guide to 2017’s fashion calendar

    This year, keeping up with the impending changes to the fashion calendar has proven to be a next-to-impossible task — and 2017 isn’t likely to be any different. Designers are rapidly splitting off from the rest of the pack to work according to new fashion calendar models that make the most sense for their businesse ...

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  • What traditional retailers can learn from Zara

    Zara has become a thorn in the side of the fashion industry. With its tendency to produce knockoff versions of runway styles in just a few weeks, the Inditex-owned fast-fashion company — which did $22 billion in sales in 2015, according to Forbes — has thrown the fashion industry into a frenzy to keep up with consumer demand and better respond to social medi ...

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  • The year in major fashion and beauty mergers

    This year saw a series of acquisitions and mergers in fashion, luxury and beauty marked by a need to grab at new consumer dollars, win over younger generations and absorb the competition in order to consolidate newcomer markets. Here are the top takeaways of the industry’s year of major fashion deals.

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  • Inside Pantone’s colorful transition to a consumer brand

    Pantone’s choice for Color of the Year, the shade that the color institute and consulting agency picks as the one that will define design and style trends, as well as fit the national climate for the upcoming 12 months, has become the peak annual event for a company whose work is mostly done behind the scenes. On Thursday, Pantone named “Gr ...

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  • The Snapchat guide to making wearable glasses cool

    Snap Inc. is going to great lengths to make sure its techie toy for the face, Snapchat Spectacles, lands with a bang. The San Francisco-based social media platform announced its first product, Spectacles, in September. The sunglasses, which sell for $130, come in three colors — black, teal and coral — and resemble an unassum ...

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