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  • Five years in, Birchbox Man is boosting education and interest in men’s grooming

    After selling monthly subscription boxes full of sample beauty and skin care products to women for a little over a year, Birchbox heard from female customers that the men in their lives had voiced interest about a similar product model geared towards men’s grooming. “We were really surprised to hear that; it wasn’t something we were sure we would ever do at Birchbox,” said Beauchamp.

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  • How custom footwear retailer Shoes of Prey cut its delivery time to two weeks

    For Shoes of Prey co-founder and chief creative officer Jodie Fox, the only way to scale her customizable footwear business was to forego third-party manufacturers and bring all production in house. Shoes of Prey’s e-commerce site offers trillions of variations of heels, boots, flats and sneakers, which shoppers can tailor themselves — they start with a blank-canvas silhouett ...

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  • A boutique bodega is the next frontier for brand partnerships

    Boutique bodegas nestled in New York City’s underground subway stations — where products are as curated as an Instagram feed, and you can buy Beats headphones along with your morning coffee before paying with an app — may sound like an agency fever dream. But New Stand, started by Mother New York founder Andrew Deitchman, is currently expanding its network of such modern, chic ...

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  • How Teen Vogue is maintaining its ‘woke’ momentum in the Trump era

    To celebrate Glossy’s one-year anniversary, we’re spending a week profiling the standout change-makers who inspired us in our first year. These insiders are currently transforming the fashion, beauty and luxury spaces. When Nancy Reagan passed away on March 6 last year, Phil Picardi, Teen Vogue’s digital editorial director, wasn’t sure if the news fit into the scope of the on ...

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  • ‘The goal is to evolve’: Estée Lauder president Jane Hertzmark Hudis on beauty’s sea change

    On set for an Estée Lauder photoshoot with a 17-year-old Kendall Jenner in 2012, group president Jane Hertzmark Hudis had an “aha” moment. Jenner was, of course, glued to her Instagram, and Hertzmark Hudis took notice. “At that moment, it was: ‘Wow. Something fundamental is happening,’” said Hertzmark Hudis, who oversees eight Lauder brands: Estée Lauder, La Mer, Bobbi Brown, ...

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  • How Boohoo is beating the rocky American retail market

    U.K. fast-fashion retailer Boohoo seems to be immune from the carnage currently rocking longstanding American retail brands. The online pure-play brand that quickly churns out trends targeting a Gen Z and millennial audience reported a 145 percent revenue growth in the U.S. in its financial year ending February 28, from $17 million to $43 million.

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  • Inside Aldo’s first website redesign in 10 years

    By scaling back promotions, integrating digital capabilities and focusing on global expansions, Aldo has been able to stay afloat in a market particularly hostile to mid-priced retailers with vast fleets of brick-and-mortar stores and a hefty mall presence. The footwear and accessories retailer, which has 2,000 stores globally, expanded this week by redesigning its website fo ...

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  • They’ve ‘sold out’: A Walmart acquisition could be damaging for fashion brands

    Walmart, through a series of recent acquisitions, is gunning to make up for lost time in a race against Amazon to flesh out its fashion business. But the company’s corporate overtaking of formerly independent brands is leaving a bad taste in the mouths of customers. Its latest target: Bonobos, the menswear retailer that specializes in affordably priced, upscale suits in the $ ...

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  • Not just a fad: Pop-up stores shore up rough retail real estate market

    As department stores shutter locations across the country, brands are reconsidering what the purpose of a physical store should be. With the look and feel of the store changing, long-term leases for retailers are becoming less common, as brands look for more flexibility: The average length of a retail lease has shrunk to five years, down from 20 years in 1991, according to co ...

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  • Farfetch’s ‘Store of the Future’ takes its customer data to physical retail

    On Wednesday, Farfetch unveiled a new set of tools for retailers at its FarfetchOS event in London. Considered the final piece of its retail platform, the “Store of the Future” retail solution powered by Farfetch zooms in on digitizing the in-store experience for luxury brands. The Store of the Future technology platform will support the company’s brand and boutique partners ...

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  • Startup Spotlight: How Andie Swim is rethinking the market for one-piece swimsuits

    Andie Swim, a new direct-to-consumer line of one-piece bathing suits launching today, is hoping to gain ground in a growing market by skirting the traditional ways swimsuits are produced and sold. “Swimwear is a personal purchase, and we found by speaking to customers that, while they hate the in-store experience, they don’t always trust buying online,” said Melanie Travis, ...

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  • How Mon Purse makes $2 million worth of customizable handbags a month

    Nobody would say Mon Purse is lacking in options. The customizable handbag company — founded in 2014 by Lana Hopkins, after a shopping mission for a new purse proved unsuccessful — lets customers select from a variety of leathers and prints, colors, metal hardwares, fringes and monograms with their choice of letters and emojis.

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  • How fashion became oversaturated with collaborations

    On April 9, the Victoria Beckham for Target collection will launch online and in stores, featuring lines of clothing for women, girls and toddlers created by the British designer for Target’s entry-level price points and aspirational customers. The limited-edition drop will give Target’s clothing department a brief jolt of high-fashion prestige — borrowed from Beckham and some ...

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  • The spiral of Spring’s great mobile experiment

    Spring launched in August 2014 with a clear goal: to become the No. 1 mobile shopping app for fashion. Built with user experience top of mind, Spring wanted to make the notoriously difficult mobile checkout seamless: To purchase, customers simply had to store their credit card, then swipe their finger on a product.

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  • The winners and losers in a Coach-Kate Spade acquisition

    With reports swirling that Coach’s acquisition of Kate Spade is imminent, what would a merger of two of the leading American handbag brands look like? “Coach has viability again,” said Jessica Ramirez, retail analyst at boutique firm Jane Halli & Associates. “Now, they’re targeting millennials and looking to further elevate the brand.

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  • The myth of the ‘store of the future’

    In February, Target abruptly shut down its “store of the future” project, a major innovation initiative that was testing out automatic checkout capabilities (à la Amazon Go), robot-driven order fulfillments and other e-commerce integrations at a store prototype in San Francisco. The futuristic store was set to open to the public later this year, but after holiday sales perfo ...

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  • Why former Wall Streeters find new careers as fashion founders

    For financial analysts slogging away for long hours, an escape plan becomes enticing; entrepreneurship looks like a seductive dive into uncertainty after endless scrolls of spreadsheets. Often, these unfulfilled financiers find their ways to careers in fashion. “If you spend a lot of time in finance, you eventually want something radically different,” said Diana Melencio, co- ...

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  • The see-now-buy-now revolution is fizzling

    Fashion’s great see-now-buy-now experiment is beginning to fray. This week, two designers who had been bullish about the promise of a new in-season fashion calendar have pulled back. On Monday, Thakoon, a small label based in New York and led by designer Thakoon Panichgul, announced that its business was on “pause,” seven months after moving to a direct-to ...

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  • Sephora is betting big on augmented reality for beauty

    Bridget Dolan and her team at Sephora’s Innovation Lab, based in San Francisco, were a year into developing a new virtual reality tool for the retailer’s mobile app when the technology used to power the experience saw a breakthrough. “When it comes to augmented and virtual reality, it can only be successful if it’s truly useful,” said Dolan, Sephora’s head of innovation.

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