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  • Top 10 3Q blogs of 2016

    We had a good year on the ol’ 3Q blog, and our top 10 most-read posts show just how far we’ve come from our days as an SEM agency. This year’s top ...

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  • Facebook ads in Q4 2015 – data, trends, and Instagram’s rollout

    Facebook ads in Q4 2015 – data, trends, and Instagram’s rollout Posted: 01.26.2016 In advance of the Facebook Q4 Earnings Report, we compiled data from our own coffers to share with advertisers everywhere. Here are four pieces of Facebook advertising data we got from analyzing a sample of our client accounts in Q4 2015: Instagram (rolled out to all advertisers) has cheaper ...

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  • Sr. Director of Client Services Jay Stampfl Receives iMedia Rising Star Award

    Sr. Director of Client Services Jay Stampfl is one of three honorees for iMedia’s “Rising Agency Stars” award, announced yesterday. Jay was hand-selected as one of three honorees by iMedia’s Agency Awards Advisory Board members. Per iMedia, the Rising Agency Stars award criteria awards: Honor those who are making a contribution to their agencies and clients that’s well beyo ...

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  • 3Q Digital announces Rob Garner as new Head of Growth

    You’re going to hear a lot about 3Q Digital’s big, industry-shaking plans in the next few weeks. One of the people who will be driving those plans just joined our team, and it’s a name that will be familiar to many in digital marketing: Rob Garner, who will be 3Q’s new Head of Growth. Garner, who is a renowned digital thought leader, author of Search and Social: The Definiti ...

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  • Boo! (Happy Halloween from 3Q Digital)

    In the proud tradition of Octobers past, the 3Q Digital team put on a good show for our annual Halloween contest! (If you’re a fan of the Walking Dead, you’ll appreciate San Francisco office manager Erin Thomas’s special guest.) Read on for the winners! We’ll start with some great office shots… Hungry for good marketing? Our San Diego crew is.

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  • Free LPO webinar – and a chance to get your site audited live

    If you’re wondering whether your landing page is optimized and would like to learn best practices for both mobile and desktop LPO, you can check all the boxes on Oct. 1 and set yourself up for a great Q4! We’re teaming up with Hanapin Marketing for a free webinar on Oct. 1 (9 a.m. PT/12 p.m. ET), and we’re taking submissions for landing pages to audit live! Just submit your ...

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  • Happy 2015!

    Dear Readers, Happy New Year! May 2015 be happy, healthy, and profitable. Enjoy some strong coffee and the last of your holiday eggnog; we’ll be back tomorrow with more daily goodness! Hillary Read joined 3Q Digital in August 2011 after over 5 years of e-commerce site and product management at ivgStores, LLC, and Mercantila, Inc. Prior to her move to the West Coast, Hi ...

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  • Happy holidays from 3Q!

    Howdy, readers! We’re taking the rest of the week off to tune up our caroling and cookie-eating techniques. We’ll see you on Monday, but until then, we wish you the warmest and happiest of holidays! Hillary Read joined 3Q Digital in August 2011 after over 5 years of e-commerce site and product management at ivgStores, LLC, and Mercantila, Inc.

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  • 3Q teams with Breakthrough SF, GRIP Outreach for Thanksgiving smiles

    Most folks in the digital marketing world know about the need for the newest and fastest computers…which means most of the people reading this have also given up on useful laptops when newer models became available. But a few inspiring folks showed us just how valuable those laptops can be in the right hands — and gave us plenty of reason to smile on the eve of the holiday season.

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  • 15 quick tips for better client – and internal – communication

    I looooove using email. I work with clients and colleagues in three time zones and five offices (not to mention a few remote offices), and it’s very easy to get in the habit of dropping an email rather than find a common time to pick up the phone with a busy colleague. But as we all know, emails don’t have the benefit of body language or tone of voice.

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  • Google Shopping Campaigns – 4 Underused Tactics

    If you’re a retailer, and you have a website that sells any kind of products, and you’re not running PLA or Google Shopping campaigns, well…it’s being kind to say you’re behind the curve. But even seasoned digital marketers who have been running shopping campaigns for years aren’t reliably making the best of the platform’s capabilities — and that’s even before the forced tran ...

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