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  • 5 Tips to Make Your Site Geo-Friendly

    Search engines, in this day and age, constantly evolve. Search engine creators keep website creators, online marketers, business owners and even writers on their feet, daily, every time a new algorithm is released. Smart businesses know keeping sites Geo-friendly is important to overall success. So, what is Geo? According to KISSmetrics.

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  • An Intro to Influencer Marketing for Businesses

    Marketing online provides a unique set of challenges, but there are equally unique opportunities. There are no traditional celebrities online, and ‘professional’ media institutions like CNN and The New York Times have to compete with independent authorities like bloggers and social media stars. These people, known as influencers, can help boost your exposure, traffic and sales ...

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  • 3 Online Marketing Strategies for Companies Big and Small

    Marketing has changed significantly over the years due to digital and online advertising. We used to receive advertisement on “hard-copies” such as newspapers, magazine and pamphlets. Then came “soft-copies” such as emails, RSS Feeds, online yellow pages, but now it’s “smart-copies” such as search engines, social media and apps.

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