Howard Jacobson

  • Is It Time to Add Click-to-Call Campaigns to Your AdWords Arsenal?

    When pay-per-click (PPC) advertising first appeared during the final years of the last millennium, those of us who jumped in early were enchanted by the elegance of the process. E-commerce is a natural fit for PPC because they both occur in a single online ecosystem. The challenge has always been greater for lead-based and service businesses, since the communication channel ...

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  • Search Marketing Lessons From Nature: Part 1

    Since human economics is simply one example of the biological laws of resource flow, we can apply principles of nature to business. For example, nature loves good marketing, from mating displays to bird songs to the shape and color of flower petals. The goal of marketing is to attract mutually beneficial partners to each other with a minimum of resource expenditure.

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  • How Your PPC Strategy Is Like Gardening

    I just transplanted a bunch of eggplant seedlings from the greenhouse to the field. Now they need water. Not enough, and they wither and die. Too much, and they rot. Timing is important too. The best water comes early in the morning and goes straight to their growing roots. So rather than crossing my fingers and hoping for rain or spraying them from above with a hose, I'm loo ...

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  • Cut Through the PPC Clutter With One Simple Word

    In addition to generating brand awareness and website visitors, PPC can serve several other important business functions. You can assess the competition quickly, comparing several players on a single search results page. You can test new messages, learn about prospect demographics, and psychographics, and quantify market size and cost per click.

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