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  • Codebar is Coming to RocketMill

    Now that we’re settled into the lovely seaside surroundings of our new office in Brighton, it’s time to dive head-first into the vibrant digital community that this city so effortlessly nurtures. We thought we’d begin our quest to meet fellow Brighton tech-heads by teaming up with the wonderful Codebar.

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  • Essential research techniques to help you craft great content

    Creating great content isn’t always easy. Like most disciplines, it requires a substantial amount of research to get the most effective output. Due to the multi-dimensional nature of content marketing, it can become confusing as to who to target, and where to start. To ensure your digital content is worthwhile from a commercial perspective, then considerations into how to make ...

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  • Wearable Technology: The Beginning of a New Era?

    So in the world where smartphones and tablets reign supreme, us technology junkies know that it doesn’t take much for today’s trends to become yesterday’s news. Considering this, I’d thought I’d look at the next potential trend on the horizon – Wearable Technology. How else could you make technology more integrated in everyday life!? Of course, by wearing it.

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  • Cards – The future of web design and user experience?

    As us RocketMillers strive to be at the forefront of our field, we feel it is our duty to see what lies ahead in the web design industry. Looking through our plethora of inspiration of websites across the world wide web, we notice a new trend coming into fruition. But we ask – is ‘cards’ just a trend, or are they here to stay? What are ‘cards’? ‘Cards’ are a (relatively) new wa ...

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  • Branding: The Importance Of A Strong Brand

    It sounds pretty obvious, but it all starts with the brand. You ask any of my internet marketing companions here at RocketMill and they will agree that branding is a very important. A strong brand makes marketing a heck of a lot easier. Its about who you are and what you stand for! A brand is essentially a representation (visual and otherwise) of your company’s values and goals.

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