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  • The Day of Your Big Presentation: How To Prepare

    I just had the honor of presenting a session titled Expert Marketing With A Lean Team at the Self Storage Association Spring conference in New Orleans. Christine Munther from G5 and I co-presented, and I believe we hit the ball out of the park, driving substantial value and motivation for the audience.

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  • Speaking At The Self Storage Association (SSA) Spring, 2017 Conference

    Speaking At The Self Storage Association (SSA) Spring, 2017 Conference By PPC Ian Mar 20 0 Last week, I had the pleasure of presenting at the Self Storage Association (SSA) Spring, 2017 conference in beautiful New Orleans, Louisiana. Christine Munther from G5, my friend and business partner, and I co-presented on the topic of Expert Marketing With A Lean Team: Get Bigger Re ...

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  • The Five Minute Journal: My Review and Experience

    The growth I have experienced in the last few years has been tremendous on all fronts. One of the main drivers behind my growth has been a thirst for adopting the latest and greatest practices that fuel winners. I recently signed up for Mentor Box and have experienced outstanding knowledge, motivation, and excitement from their wonderful program.

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  • My Mentorbox Review

    If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you can probably tell that I’m heavily invested in my career and professional success. This can be a good thing, a great thing. It can also be a risky thing if you forget to invest in yourself. After all, you are your greatest asset and any investment you make in yourself will multiply many times over in your career, life, and overall success.

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  • Free Webinar: Top Digital Marketing Trends In 2017

    Free Webinar: Top Digital Marketing Trends In 2017 By PPC Ian Jan 15 0 Digital marketing is moving rapidly and evolving faster than ever. That’s why it’s really important to take a holistic look at your 2017 strategy now, while the year is still young. As a digital marketing and business leader, it’s not enough to follow and adopt the latest strategies.

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  • Ian Lopuch Interviewed By G5

    Ian Lopuch Interviewed By G5 By PPC Ian Dec 20 0 If you checked out My Free PPC Webinar Co-Presented With G5, you know that my business partnership with G5 is top notch. As many of you know, I pursued my lifelong dream of being a full time investor about a year and half ago, entering the commercial real estate space.

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  • Watch My Free PPC Webinar Co-Presented With G5

    Watch My Free PPC Webinar Co-Presented With G5 By PPC Ian Nov 22 0 My name is PPC Ian because I got started in pay per click search engine marketing back in 2004. If you ask me today, my favorite marketing channel is still paid search. These days, I’m leveraging paid search in the in the commercial real estate industry, at a company that develops and operates self storage a ...

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  • Dreamforce 16: My Big Insights

    Last week, I had the pleasure of attending Dreamforce 16 with my amazing wife. This was truly an epic conference, with many takeaways for marketers, salespeople, and businesspeople. Today’s post summarizes my big insights, and I’m hoping these provide actionable fuel for growing your own business. Before jumping into my blog post, I encourage you to watch my Dreamforce 16 video ...

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  • Go-To-Market Strategy: Driving Incredible Success

    I work in the commercial real estate space, at a swiftly-growing business that regularly launches new physical properties/businesses. As the marketing executive, I’m always thinking about the most effective go-to-market strategy for new stores. Today’s post is meant to offer a checklist for anyone else in the same situation.

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  • My Monday Morning Thoughts

    My Monday Morning Thoughts By PPC Ian Sep 12 0 Happy Monday, everyone! With a few exciting updates and items to share, I thought I’d write a post that captures it all. Today’s post is all about my Monday Morning Thoughts. I’m incredibly excited to announce my new Vine Business Quotes Initiative.

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  • A Reality Check For The Digital Marketing Industry

    I’ve been getting really philosophical lately. I want to start this post with two very important questions: Will your current company be here in 50 years? Will the work you are doing right now have lasting impact in 50 years time? If your answer is "no" (or maybe an "I don’t know"), this post is for you. We Are Here For A Reason Let’s start with the basics.

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  • I Pray While Running

    I Pray While Running By PPC Ian Jul 14 0 I’m truly honored and proud to be a disciple of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Today’s post is about my experience as a Christian Businessman and my experience praying while running. I hope this post encourages you to embrace your own spirituality, as I know this is the key to solving many of our world’s challenges.

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  • Why You Need To Try Affiliate Marketing

    Why You Need To Try Affiliate Marketing By PPC Ian Jun 29 0 I just made Success Entrepreneur’s list of the Top 87 Affiliate Marketing Blogs and Bloggers That Can Make You Rich, and could not be more excited. If you have any interest in digital marketing as a career path, profession, or source of income, you need to try affiliate marketing.

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  • Buffer Review: I Love Buffer

    The way I approach social media has truly transformed. I now feel like a social media giant, thanks to an amazing platform called Buffer. Today, I wanted to share my video review (and written review) of how I’m personally leveraging Buffer. Before we get started, what is Buffer? Simply put: Buffer is an at-scale social media content publishing platform.

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  • Business Lessons From Surfing

    Business Lessons From Surfing By PPC Ian May 10 0 I just went to Maui with my wife and son for a fun family vacation. During our trip, I had the opportunity to try surfing for the first time. I’m a very strong swimmer (competitive swim team during high school) and body boarder (grew up in LA going to the beach). Interestingly enough, I had never tried my hand at surfing before.

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  • A Legendary Interview With Rob Monster, CEO of Epik

    If you’ve been reading PPC Ian for a while, you know that I’ve been a long-time fan of domains. It makes perfect sense as someone who’s now in the commercial real estate industry. I see so much value in owning physical, tangible real property. The same can be said for the real estate of the Internet, domain names.

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  • Investment Liquidity Applied To Online Advertising

    I’m completely obsessed with investing, and I also happen to be a marketer. It is no consequence that this investment enthusiast built his career in digital marketing, as these two paradigms live in parallel universes. Best practices and frameworks from investing often apply to online marketing, and vice versa.

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  • What If You Had To Pay With Dividends?

    Sitting at Starbucks (Nasdaq: SBUX) right now, I’m enjoying a hot chocolate and a chocolate croissant. My creativity and productivity is often higher at Starbucks than in a quiet zone, so I really enjoy powering through work in this amazing environment. Also, I’m a proud shareholder, and enjoy the fact that Starbucks pays a dividend (albeit a small one). This experience cost me $6.00 plus $0.

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  • My Complete Guide To Personalization

    Is personalization towards the top of your 2016 marketing strategy? Do you have a little extra time to read a ~3,000 word post that will take your segmentation and personalization strategy to the next level? I just wrote a guest blog post over at the incomparable Acquisio blog that is sure to help! I’m thrilled to share with you one of my longest blog pos ...

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  • Your Margin Is Made On The Margin

    I’m a tremendous fan of business and life quotes. They fuel me with ideas, motivation, and determination. While I cannot take credit for today’s quote (it’s from an executive at a prior company), it’s one of the best I have ever heard. "Your margin is made on the margin." Today, I’ll share what this quote means and how it can deliver success in your business.

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