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  • Distance from Perfect: Digital Dealer Workshops

    These are the slides and links from my presentation at Digital Dealer Workshops. Enjoy! Distance from Perfect: Marketing w/ the Human Algorithm – DDW from Ian Lurie A few tools Bing webmaster tools Google PageSpeed Insights Grammarly Proofreading Software Hemi ...

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  • I’m Speaking At Pubcon: Where to Find Me

    I’ll be at Pubcon next week, speaking my brains out. Here are my sessions: Speed Baby Speed Tuesday, October 11 11:25am-12:30pm I’d say more but this page loaded too fast. All about making your site faster. Not just Google Page Speed. I’m on a panel with Fili Wiese and Jenny Halasz, with Barry Adams moderating Quora Wednesday, October 12 3:55-5:00pm Using Quora as a marketing tool.

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  • How to Track the Return on Social Media Traffic

    Do you track your social media marketing results? Wondering how to make more sense of ROI? By tracking micro-conversions and attribution, you can connect a dollar value to your social media marketing efforts. In this article, you’ll discover how to track the return on social media clicks. Discover how to track the return of traffic on social media.

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  • My Cat’s Name is Isis

    Yes, there’s a marketing lesson here. But when I tried to write “How Digital Marketing is Like Naming My Cat Isis” I almost punched myself in the throat. I have two cats, a dog, and a guinea pig. One of my cats, an insane, overweight Siamese, is named Isis. Yes. Isis. She was so named long before the terrorist organization popped up.

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  • Marketing as Worldbuilding: The Links

    I know, I know. I piled on the tips and tools. It’s OK!!!! Here are the links, related content and slides from my Marketing Worldbuilding talk: 30 Tips For Better Content If you want a bunch of ideas for creating better places, check out this presentation and links Google Trends Compare trends around keywords. Figure out your audience’s language Answer The Public Question research.

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  • How to: Avoid Word Vector Hysteria & Trend Surfing Idiocy

    There’s suddenly a lot of discussion (aka freaking out) about Rankbrain and word vectors. I could dwell on the fact that the recent spate of articles followed some excellent MozCon discussions on the topic, and why that makes me suspicious, but I won’t, because that would be cheap and low-class of me. Wait, I just did.

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  • Deodorant & Other Challenges: How I Get Content Ideas

    How do you write mind-blowing content about deodorant? It’s easy. I’m going to walk you through how I research content ideas. This stream-of-consciousness process has never failed me: Start With Questions I always start with questions. If the audience is asking a question, and you have an answer, you can help. My favorite questions research tool at the moment is Answerthepublic.com.

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  • Four HTML Tags Every Digital Marketer Must Know

    Earlier this year I wrote that any digital marketer must know how to write a blog post in HTML. I caught a little flak for that. I earned it. I should’ve been clearer: There are four HTML elements every digital marketer should know. If you know them, you can write a post using the code view of whatever CMS you use. Here they are: 1: Paragraphs Paragraphs are easy: <p> starts a paragraph.

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  • Why I Use Markdown, & You Should Too

    This is a continuation of my rant about lean content and time management. You might want to read those, too. I once had to convert a Word document to a web page. Once. After spending hours deleting mso-style blocks and cleaning up thousands of lines of crap, I swore (and swore, and swore) that I’d never do that again. So I moved to Markdown.

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  • What I’ll Do When Google Dies

    Like any nerd worth a damn, I like to plan for the zombie apocalypse. I know whose house I’ll go to (he has guns and edged weapons). I know what vehicles I’ll take (bicycles, duh). I know my weapon of choice (a shovel – perfect for the spearing brain smash). But I have a new favorite activity: Planning for the Google apocalypse. Someday, somehow, someone’s going to crash Google.

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  • Content Rule #1: The Blank Sheet Of Paper Test

    Nothing gets taken out of context more than web content. Except maybe innocent remarks by public figures. Search engines pull bits and pieces from your page. People cut-and-paste. Aggregators grab headlines. We all tend to ignore the lack of context and write like we always have: We assume readers will see all our stuff together. I’ve frequently mocked the results.

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  • Principles of Content Promotion

    Content-as-marketing isn’t new. The promotional tools, though… Those are new. We’ve never had as cool a toolset as we have now. It’s easy to get drunk on the possibilities. Sober up: Promote Lightly-Branded Content at Top of Funnel Lightly and non-branded content is a top-of-funnel vehicle. Don’t promote it to a high-intent, bottom-of-funnel audience. You’ll see limited results.

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  • Kick-Ass Slack + Zapier Integrations for Marketers

    I apologize, but this post will be very hard to read on a small screen. I show screen caps of Zapier steps. “I can’t keep track of it all.” I hear (and say) this a lot. Marketers get drowned in data, posts, notes, texts, images and video. The only way to survive the experience is to consolidate it all.

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  • Making amazing content: The links

    This is a steadily-growing list of links from my talk about amazing content tactics: Markdown-related Daring Fireball guide to Markdown Syntax Marked: An OS X desktop Markdown preview tool Markdo ...

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  • Working Content Meetings May Just Save Your Toes

    An alternate title for this post: “How A Working Content Meeting Saved Me from Broken Toes and Smashed Fingers.” I used to throw a lot of temper tantrums at work. About ten years ago I kicked my desk so hard my foot started bleeding right through my shoe. I also punched a palm tree, and my fingers swelled up like little sausages (separate and COMPLETELY justified incident).

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  • What “Lean” Really Means

    In content marketing, this is what "lean" really means In cycling, to handle a turn at high speed, you lean. As you enter the turn, you push down on the outside pedal, and you lean slightly more than seems prudent. You complete the turn. Then you sprint out of the corner, leaving your competition behind. Marketers often equate “lean” with “lightweight” or “minimal.

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  • High ROI is Costing You Money

    In marketing, high return on investment isn’t always a good thing. You can increase ROI by narrowing your audience: Focus on people you know will convert. Spend less and less per conversion. Voila. That’s expensive, flawed reasoning. It restricts access to your marketing world: Let’s do the math: 1,000 customers $100 revenue/customer $10 cost/sale $100,000 revenue 10:1 R ...

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  • How to: Edit and proofread

    Editing and proofreading are a pain in the tuchus. I want to get someone else to read my work. But face it: Most of the time I’ve waited until the last minute. Everyone around me is busy. I have one hour to get this report/blog post/whatever out the door. Here’s my real-world editing routine, taught to me by a great writer back in 19muttermutter: Read the document one parag ...

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  • Teach me something

    This post is more than my usual rant. It’s going to make people squirm. Hell, it made me squirm, because we’re all guilty of my topic: Marketing content has become meaningless word puke. My dark epiphany I did some research today. I wanted to learn a new thing about marketing. So, I looked at ten articles, all on the same topic.

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