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  • Marketing’s Dark Future: Understanding hidden social, data and technology shifts

    Weds. Nov. 30 @ 1PM EST/10AM PST “Dark” forces are conspiring to present new challenges for marketers, but if you know how to approach them, you can turn them into opportunities to understand and engage your customers more effectively than ever. In this webinar, IBM’s Michael Trapani will share what you need to know about these emerging aspects of the marketing landscape.

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  • Webinar: Improve email opens, clicks, and churn–no matter the industry

    Thursday August 25 @ 1pm ET/10am PT If you want to build a world-class email marketing program, you’ll need to know how you measure up when it comes to opens, clicks, engagement and list churn – and how you can improve performance in areas that are falling short. Join Jay Jhun, Account Director at IBM as he dives into the data from IBM Marketing Cloud’s exclusive “2016 Em ...

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  • Top behavioral marketing strategies: From automated campaigns to advanced audience segments

    In this all-in-one behavioral marketing strategy session, IBM’s Jodi Wearn will teach you how you can start personalizing your customer communications to drive more conversions now. You will learn: Which data matters most for personalization on each channel and how to tie it all together How automated personalized campaigns can free your team up to start thinking strategic ...

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  • Webinar: Can’t-miss tips for putting behavioral marketing into action

    Wednesday, May 25, 2016 at 1 p.m. EDT, 10 a.m. PDT People go through up to 70 percent of the buying process before interacting with a brand, which means understanding how they make purchasing decisions is essential to capturing their business. How can marketers already feeling crushed by day-to-day tasks move to a more behavior-driven approach that enables them to better u ...

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  • Download: The quick and simple guide to post-click marketing

    Digital marketers live for the click. Click-through rate is still the gold standard in measurement of top line efforts. But even the best campaigns, flawlessly executed, move only a fraction of their audience to act. So WTF is post-click marketing? It’s the machine behind every click, the mechanism that advances prospects toward a sale and lets marketers learn a little som ...

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