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  • Why you need a CRM + Free Business Integration Whitepaper

    No matter the industry or size of a company, we all share the same goal – we want to close more deals and bring the most revenue possible. Nowadays, in order to add maximum value to your business you need to make the most of both sales and marketing. This is why, for those of you who use the advanced features of both GetResponse and SalesForce, we are offering the state-of-th ...

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  • InBoxing Day: 10 Tips for a Surprise Sale Email #Infographic

    In many countries Boxing Day is one of the main shopping events of the year. In this blog your will find basic information about the holiday, short description of major online marketing trends, and some Boxing Day email inspiration. We have also prepared an infographic with 10 tips for a surprise sale email in order to help you prepare an effective email marketing campaign and ...

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  • Grow Your Business with Webinar Marketing

    Webinars are consistently amongst top online marketing tactics. By providing valuable information to carefully targeted audience, you attract prospects and build your email list with high-quality leads. Find out why webinars are so effective, discover the elements of a webinar cycle, and get a number of tried and tested tips for running a successful webinar.

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  • The Ultimate Holiday Campaign Guide #GRHoliday

    It’s time to start thinking about your marketing strategy for the holidays. Plan all your activities down to the last detail and delight customers with great campaigns. We have prepared a treat for all those who like to think ahead – a special free ebook focusing on the three pillars of an outstanding holiday campaign.

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  • An Email Marketing Funnel For Planning Your Subscriber’s Journey

    Successful email marketing is not about asking people to sign up and sending them promotional emails till they unsubscribe. It is a great opportunity to build unique relationships between your brand and subscribers. If you want to make the best of your email marketing, change your mindset and think of the subscription process as a journey to becoming a loyal enthusiast of your brand.

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  • Create a Father’s Day Email Marketing Campaign That Rocks

    Father’s Day is fast approaching. I’ve decided to take a closer look at the emails in my inbox and check how email marketers tackle the upcoming celebration. I wanted to find out more about the latest trends that dominate the Father’s Day communication. Take a look at what I have gathered and compare the presented ideas with your email marketing efforts.

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  • Planning an Email Campaign vs. Planning a Vacation #Infographic

    Dr. Emel Aktas published an online index card in which he outlines a systematic approach to preparing for a summer break. So we applied the same principles to planning a successful email campaign. And so, we draw a parallel between summer vacations and email campaigns, remember these principles may be universal and might be applied to other activities. Let’s take a closer look. 1.

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  • Why Do You Need Responsive Landing Pages? #FreebieMonday

    The answer is pretty straightforward – if you want to deliver your message to your audience, you need to adapt it for the devices they use. Responsive Web Design adapts the layout to a device providing the best possible user experience. And in this blog post and whitepaper you will find all the RWD inspiration you need! As most people check their email regularly using a mobile ...

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  • A Guide to Creating a Compelling Email Message #Infographic

    Once in a while it’s good to take some time off and get back to basics with all the experience you’ve gathered so far. The ability to craft effective messages is a fundamental skill for every email-marketer. That is why this time we have prepared an infographic, which presents the 6 most important elements in an email message and provides you with a basic guide to creating a co ...

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  • How to Grow Your Subscribers List in 2015

    A large, healthy email subscriber list is absolutely fundamental when it comes to running successful email marketing campaigns. However, the majority of email marketers declare that they still struggle to grow their list. This is why we have launched the GetResponse List Building Program – an action-based course to build your list with up to 10,000 subscribers.

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  • Facebook Targeting for Beginners: Radius-Based Ads

    Facebook recently launched radius-based advertising. Now you can design campaigns that target users within a particular radius surrounding your geographic location. So far, this form of advertising is available only in the USA. But because of its potential, it may soon be widely available. Targeted Advertising on Facebook There are many ways to promote your business effectivel ...

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  • 5 ways to Increase Your Email Click-Through Rate

    Do you know how many subscribers actually read the content and click on the links in your messages? Constant CTR analysis will help you optimize your email marketing efforts and generate higher profit. Check out these 5 rules for engaging your subscribers and increasing the efficiency of your campaigns.

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