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  • Shared IP vs. Dedicated IP

    When you set out to accomplish your goals do you go about it alone, or would you rather share the effort with others? If we apply this question to the email marketing world it boils down to something all email marketers should ask themselves at some point: should I go for a dedicated IP or use a shared solution.

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  • The Most Recognizable Part of Your Email: Deliverability Part VIII

    In today’s part of our series I want to focus on the skeleton on an email. Moreover, a part of the skeleton that a lot of email marketers tend to ignore. I’m talking about the “From” address. It seems to me that countless senders, especially in the beginning of their career as email marketers, ignore the “from” field.

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  • What Do ISPs Really Look At In Content: Deliverability Part VI

    Anti-spam content filters used by ISPs have been in development for many years now. With so many ways for spammers to get their messages across, we look at reputation based methods (hijacking or rotating IPs, rotating from address, generating new domains to remove the reputation value). However with the global change to IPv6 on the horizon, focusing on content is becoming even more important.

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  • Don’t Be Mistaken For A Spammer: Deliverability Part V

    We already covered the most important matters about lists, so lets move on to content. I would like to point out here that content and list quality can be looked at as closely related subjects, as high quality content can improve your relations and engagement rates the same way bad content can put your subscribers off and make them unsubscribe, ignore, or even mark your messages as spam.

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  • Maintaining A Good Relationship With Your List: Deliverability Part IV

    2 weeks ago I gave you advice on generating a list, so I assume you already have a list to work with 1 week ago I gave you advice on how to take care of your list. Granted, most of it was about removing contacts and I know you don’t really want to do that. I fully agree, you shouldn’t have to do that.To be clear, I’m not saying that you should just skip the hygiene part.

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  • Taking Care of Your List Over Time: Deliverability Part III

    Last week we covered the basics of list acquisition and the tricks you need to know to get engaging and trusting subscribers right from the start. But your work does not stop there, it’s only beginning.I’m still going to repeat myself, but you can’t be an email marketer without a list, and you can’t be a good email marketer without a good list.

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  • Lists, Dos and Don’ts of the List Generation Process: Deliverability Part II

    I already bragged about what our company does and in which fields we can jump in and take the weight off your shoulders, now lets go into the practical advice part. To be more precise, we are kicking of the guidelines part of the series, starting with the most important part of email marketing: the List. Lets face it, without subscribers there is simply no email marketing.

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  • Achieving the Best Deliverability Possible: Part I

    In the ever changing world of email marketing one has to be on their toes to keep up with all the requirements and standards that are introduced by ISPs and AntiSpam organizations as they battle to eliminate spam, phishing and other kind of unwanted emails from regular Joe’s mailboxes. As a result some senders are caught in the crossfire of the everlasting arms race that spamm ...

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  • The Don’ts of Email Marketing

    Working with various brands and industries we are witnesses to a lot of different approaches to email marketing on a daily basis. We may find some of these to be truly innovative and we gladly watch as they skyrocket the results of our clients that use them (of course we also share them with you on this very blog).

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