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  • Is that Mind-Blowing Title Blowing Your Credibility? You Decide

    Posted by Isla_McKetta What if I told you I could teach you to write the perfect headline? One that is so irresistible every person who sees it will click on it. You'd sign up immediately and maybe even promise me your firstborn. But what if I then told you not one single person out of all the millions who will click on that headline will convert? And that you might lose all ...

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  • Get Ahead of Google with Insight into Semiotics

    Posted by Isla_McKetta Write it and they will come. That's the drum we've been beating for a long time now. We optimize our pages and our content to please search engines and cross our fingers and hope that customers will convert. We can do better. But to do it, we have to think beyond Google. Yes, you still need to check all your standard SEO boxes to make your site crawl friendly.

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  • How to Hit it Big with the Right Idea at the Right Time

    Posted by Isla_McKetta As copywriters and designers, we all know we’re supposed to Steal Like an Artist. Austin Kleon said so. Picasso said something similar with his “Good artists copy, but great artists steal” line. It makes sense, since there’s “nothing new under the sun.” But how do we know we’re stealing well-timed ideas? Anyone can spot a good idea.

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