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  • 3 SEO tips for DuckDuckGo

    How often have you asked someone a question about something you don’t know, and their response is “why don’t you Google it?”. There’s even a site called Let Me Google That For You where you can create a searches for people in a very addictive and mocking way. We all know that Google is poised for world domination, but there are in fact a number of search engines that are given ...

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  • Customer Service is key on social

    For most customer facing companies, social media is often the first port of call for people who use their products or services to complain or ask questions. Unlike with an email address, it’s public – so you know you’re more likely to get a response, a more positive response for that matter, in order to protect the brand’s image. Response Time Source: Hubspot.

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  • What Makes a Good 404 Error Page?

    Despite a constant effort by most webmasters to reduce the number of technical errors that occur on their site; it is impossible to eliminate them all. Every now and then broken links will slip through the cracks or 301 re-directs will have problems and an error page will be presented to the user. What should be done is that if users do find themselves on a broken page, it is u ...

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  • #OnThisDayInDigital in more than 140 characters…

    Is there a winning year in digital history? #OnThisDayinDigital began back at the beginning of 2014 and although we’re only 2/3 of the way through the year we’ve already come across loads of interesting insights we wanted to share with the Internet. It’s fair to say that the digital facts for some days wouldn’t have always come as a shock.

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  • Viral Trend Alert: #ALSIceBucketChallenge

    No doubt your Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr newsfeeds are currently being dominated with numerous videos of people you know, and people you don’t, having ice cold water poured over them. Look up “viral content” in the dictionary and the Ice Bucket Challenge will no doubt be one of the top examples.

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  • Shhhhh – Twitter offers the Sound of Silence with mute button

    Back in December 2013, Facebook replaced their “Hide All” feature with an “unfollow” button. This small-but-crucial change allowed people to unsubscribe from updates from those ‘friends’ who upload endless amounts of photos, or who post a status update every time they sneeze. Not only did you not have to “unfriend” a big list of people, but it has probably saved quite a few friendships.

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