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  • What’s next for visual design: 8 trends to watch in 2015

    Whether you’re agency or in-house, there’s never a dull moment in the design world. With both tastes and technology changing so quickly, it’s no surprise that visual trends are forever set on rapid-refresh. With the year coming to a close, it’s time to look forward to 2015. To help you stay ahead of the pack, iStock by Getty Images has identified the visual trends that will sw ...

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  • Beards and beyond: The visual trends agencies made happen in 2014

    Just as diets, hemlines and Kim Kardashian’s hairstyle are subject to popular trends, so too are visuals influenced by culture at-large. Whether they’re working at agencies, in house or freelancing, designers and creatives should be aware of what’s changing in the landscape of imagery. Often, the goal is to keep up with pop culture’s demands and deliver what’s au courant that very moment.

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  • Doing digital on a budget: How 5 shops created great work on the cheap

    In digital, you either adapt or you die. Metabolisms are faster, the need for flexibility is unparalleled and great things have to be accomplished on increasingly shrinking client budgets. What’s an agency to do? “Design to a cost,” said Mark DiMassimo, CEO of DiMassimo Goldstein. “Creativity is not coming in with a $10 million idea that we can’t produce.

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  • In the Age of Instagram, what are designers looking for in stock photography?

    Nearly 30,000 photos are uploaded to Instagram every minute. On Facebook, more than 200,000. According to Yahoo!, 800 billion photos will be taken this year. This deluge of images has changed the way art directors, graphic artists and web editors engage with commercial photography. “We are seeing more images than before,” said Florence-based stock photographer Francesco Salvaggio.

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