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  • Do You Love Problems?

    Most people hate problems and they dislike having problems in their life. Problems makes them vexed and irritated and people feel problems are the things that obstruct them from being successful. However, the truth is, problems are necessary and required for you to be successful. In entrepreneurship and business, The reward for solving a problem is a bigger problem! This is ...

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  • Why It Is So Much Easier To Succeed Now Then Before In CPA Marketing

    It’s the truth. It is so much easier to succeed now than before not just in CPA marketing, but in any business that you are in. Here’s why: In the past, there wasn’t even anything call tracking software. There was nothing. Everything was manual subid tracking on the network itself. I will have to download the data into excel and download my traffic expenses into excel and t ...

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  • Review of 2014 & Moving Into 2015

    Its finally the time to really sit down and reflect upon the past year and also the plans for 2015 right now. Usually this post will be the longest as well. Another year has past and this year seems very long because so many things have happen in 2014 itself that I feel overwhelmed just thinking about it. Let’s just say, this year has been pretty amazing.

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  • Hello From Costa Rica And 3 Reasons Why You Should Attend Live Seminars

    Hola~ I’m writing this post from Costa Rica right now and attending a 5 day 4 night wealth creation seminar right here in Central America. I have just been seminar-ing all day long and hasn’t got the chance to took any nice photos or videos yet. But i will be posting them up on the blog when i could. People paid US$26,000 to be on this LIVE seminar put up by this guy call Matt Llyod.

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  • How Has 6 Years Of Affiliate Marketing Trained Me As A Person

    Throughout these 6 years of grinding with CPA affiliate marketing, I must say that it has been a long time! Time passed so quickly like it was only recently. Days passed so quickly and week after week past like a ferarri racing down a 100m straight track. I guess when you are truly involved in your business and you commit to your business, and you feel happy being involved i ...

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