Jack Price

  • A Gut-Wrenching Groupon Blunder You Must Avoid

    Maybe you’ve heard about Groupon disasters. For example, an ad delivers an overwhelming flood of new customers but results in a net loss. That’s the gut-wrenching part. On the other hand, new people learn about your business. But your ad may attract only cherry-pickers — people who grab your great deal but never come back for more.

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  • 7 Irresistible Content Topics Your Audience Will Love

    Is your audience in love with your content? Or do they read it only when there’s nothing more pressing to do. If your readers aren’t hooked on your content, you may be setting the bar too low. On today’s content-saturated Web, people ignore average content. They need more from you. They need your best. They need content that grabs them by the throat.

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  • Triggered Emails: Do You Know These 21 Profitable Techniques?

    It hurts to lose a sale. Sometimes it’s not even your fault, just bad luck. But what about sales you lose because you never made an offer? Ouch, that’s different — there’s no one to blame but the person in the mirror. Here are the most popular ways to use triggered emails to grab extra sales. Some techniques are quick and easy. Some take a little time and effort.

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  • 52 Ways to Increase ROI Using Email Marketing

    Do you have the right personality for email marketing? Maybe you feel you need to be more creative. Or more analytical. Or need better people skills. Stop worrying! You don’t need a new personality. You can develop an email marketing style that fits your real personality, shows off your strengths, and puts money in your pocket. Here’s how.

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