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  • 7 Integrated Digital Marketing Questions Answered

    Running digital channels in silos to get short term results works, but if you’re set on exceeding expectations in the long term, an integrated strategy is the only way to grow. These four marketers tell us how and why cross channel marketing creates better opportunities for brands. Why should we avoid standalone SEO? When SEO first hit the mainstream it was all about puttin ...

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  • Integrated Marketing – 4 Specialists Share Their Insights

    How do other agencies approach integrated marketing, SEO, web development and conversion rate optimisation? We asked these digital specialists in the UK to tell us: Why is Search Phrase Analysis data important when planning the information architecture of a site? Supermarkets use data to plan their store layout so that it reflects shopper needs and behaviours and the same applies to using data .

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  • MediaVision Shortlisted in UK Agency Awards!

    Hot on the heels of our recent win at the CIM Awards in April, we’re breaking out the tequila, screaming it from the rooftops unhinged with happiness to learn we’ve just been shortlisted for a UK Agency Award! We’re listed in the Best Content Marketing category, having been recognised for our work on the MediaVision 10 Year Birthday Campaign.

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  • The Top 5 Questions in Digital PR

    We’ve answered the 5 most common questions people ask a Digital PR agency and busted some of the myths about how Digital PR fits into your brand’s marketing strategy. We did this with the help and expertise of Jodie Harris, our Head of Digital PR, and hope you find these definitions and tips helpful! 1.

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  • Keeping The Equilibrium Between PR and Journalism

    All PRs and journalists are familiar with a certain love-hate relationship. We need each other in order to perform at work, but when we don’t, it seems that we both like to rant and be at war. Nick Davies pointed out in his book, Flat Earth News (2008), that there are more PRs than journalists in the UK.

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  • Rewriting the Rules of January

    As if January wasn’t already the most judgemental month, the dreaded *Fail Friday is upon us and shaking its disapproving head. Waistlines are refusing to conceal the damage of the holidays and for many of us, resolutions aren’t looking too good either. Today marks the date when we’re forced to confront our failed New Year’s goals, feel the loss of their sudden lack of sparkle ...

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  • 10 Things I Learnt About PPC in 2014

    PPC is such a fast moving industry that no matter how well you know the market and the tools, each day presents a new opportunity for endless amounts of learning and data analysis. There’s no time to be passive when you’re running simultaneous campaigns and managing clien ...

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  • 10 Content Rules We Learnt and Lived by in 2014 (SlideShare)

    Brands have been using great content to tell stories, start conversations and win over their audiences since the beginning of time, but with the introduction of new channels over the last decade, the task has become more complex than ever before. With new platforms, tools, promotional tactics and a wide variety of channels that allow messages to reach more people ...

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  • 10 Things Learnt About SEO in 2014 – (SlideShare)

    Posted by Jacky Lovato on Dec 8, 2014 | Tagged as: Tags: 2014 learnings, digital marketing mix Anyone working in digital marketing today will agree: the only constant is change. This is especially true if you look at the way SEO and search has evolved over the last few years. Whether you’re taking your first steps to setting up a compliant site or already the owner of ...

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  • What to Expect in 2015 if You’re a Digital Marketer

    Back in 2007, a really disgruntled blogger on PC Mag said that ‘Twitter’s demise will certainly come before we hit 2011’. We bet he feels pretty silly now. The rapid and sometimes erratic evolution of digital means prediction attempts occasionally fail spectacularly. Luckily our MediaVision titans in London and Cape Town know how to keep up.

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  • Looking Back, Moving Forward – Google’s Evolution

    As we celebrate our 10th birthday and a decade of success as a digital agency, we‘re looking back at how Google evolved from a garage start-up to one of most powerful enterprises in the industry today. The Google Evolution It doesn’t take a Google search to discover the profound impact this search engine has had on the world.

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  • Then and Now: How Much Has Digital Marketing Changed?

    After 10 glorious years in the digital marketing industry, there’s really only one thing we can say for certain: TECH-GEEKERY MOVES AT THE SPEED OF LIGHTNING AND YOU DON’T WANT TO LOOK LIKE A MONKEY BEING LEFT BEHIND. A Quick Look Back With the advent of Gutenberg’s printing press in Europe in 1450, the ability to mass-communicate and sell gained such epic momentu ...

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