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  • Use AdWords Scripts To Update Negative Placements

    July 21, 2017 Display ad inventory includes great sites and plenty of terrible ones. As a result, advertisers continue to push for greater control over where their ads show. Avoiding ads on low quality and offensive sites it more important than ever. The good news is that negative placements will assist us in this endeavor.

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  • Finding Seasonality in Your PPC Accounts

    June 27, 2017 Seasonality as a topic is often used as a substitute for holiday talk. As in we expect more sales due to seasonality in the winter holiday months. While helpful this concept can lead you to overlook the variances in performance across the year. This will throw off any forecasting or analysis project you work on.

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  • Tracking Click Events In Google Tag Manager

    June 7, 2017 Google Tag Manager makes tag placement simple. Many users utilize GTM for placing conversion tags but you can track many other page elements as well. In this article, we’ll tackle a scenario in which we track click events on a webpage. Tracking click events is helpful for sites that don’t have separate confirmation pages.

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  • How To Migrate To Google Tag Manager

    April 26, 2017 Google Tag Manager (GTM) is a useful tool for organizing and maintaining your digital marketing tags. It provides a centralized platform for managing tags and events outside of the site’s source code. It makes it a fantastic resource for marketers. It can help them implement tags on their own without relying on limited developer resources.

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  • How To Evaluate Your PPC Ad Rotation Settings

    March 28, 2017 Ad rotation is one of the forgotten settings. Everyone has a preference, “always rotate indefinitely” or “always optimize by conversions” but the chosen settings often reflect the manager’s default preference rather than the settings utility. Rather than a preference, the setting should be used as a tool and subject for further analysis.

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  • 3 Ways To Segment PPC Keyword And Query Performance

    December 28, 2016 Basic metrics tell the story of paid search performance but what if you want to dig deeper? You’ll need to go beyond the basic segments and reports. Segmenting data in new ways reveals new stories and allows you to leverage new insights. You can find new targeting opportunities, a new direction for your messaging, or the impetus to finally break a set of ...

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  • How To Utilize Excel Data Tables For Better Projections

    September 8, 2016 We’ve all been in a situation where we needed to see the results of an equation based on a range of values. Maybe it was “what if we spent X amount or Y amount” or “what are the potential impacts of another ad test?” Calculating by hand is slow and cumbersome. Thankfully, data tables allow you to quickly compare values and run calculations multiple times.

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  • How To Get More Out Of Excel Solver

    July 18, 2016 Excel Solver is a fantastic tool, but most examples only cover the simple marketing use cases. Leaving the advanced usages to your imagination with no clear path forward. In this post, we’ll cover the next steps of enhancing your models and then cover how to automate the process. The post focuses on the more technical aspects of Excel but will remain fully accessible.

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  • Google’s Inclusion Of Buy Button A Game Changer For Retailers

    Last week news broke regarding Google’s plan to include buy buttons for mobile devices. These buttons would allow searchers to directly purchase a product from the search engine results page (SERP). This change is a significant departure, as users are no longer required to follow this process: Leave the SERP ——–> Go to the retailer’s site ——> Complete the purchase ...

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  • Benefit From Better Search Functionality In AdWords Editor 11

    Google recently launched version 11 of AdWords Editor. Besides feature updates, the editor received an overhaul to the search functionality. Although it takes a little time to get back up to speed with the rearrangement, I’ve fallen in love with the new functionality and search bar. It takes the set up out of the menus and puts it rights back in your hands.

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  • Simple Tips To Enhance Your Excel Spreadsheets

    Every now and then you stumble across an Excel tip or trick that blows your mind. However, this won’t always be the case and as your skills progress these insights are harder and harder to discover or take more effort than they are worth. Rather than going bigger, it is often much easier to take a step back and recognize little tricks you could try, or actions that lead to ...

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  • Using Google Analytics for AdWords Conversion Tracking

    Everyone accepts the tenet that conversions matter. Any successful marketing campaign needs some form of conversion tracking, whether they are sales, leads, or e-mail sign ups. Most often accounts default to utilizing the AdWords conversion code. This simple to implement code automatically fires anytime someone reaches a certain stage of the customer cycle. However, there are other options.

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  • Use The Destination URL Report To Find Your Best Landing Pages

    PPC Hero series week continues as we review how various reports can help you achieve your account goals. Yesterday, Carrie took a look at better reporting for location extensions. Today, Jacob dives into the destination URL report to find your best landing pages. The destination URL report, one of the many facets of the dimensions tab, delivers metrics tied to each unique U ...

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  • Getting Your Shopping Campaigns Holiday Ready

    Product Listing Ads are now found within Google Shopping campaigns. Unlike text ads, these ads show photos of products, along with prices and product names right on the search results page when people search for items on Google. Product Listings are a crucial piece of online sales for Ecommerce accounts during this time, so make sure your accounts are ready.

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  • The Theory of Growing Vs. Building a PPC Account

    There are two primary ways of conceptualizing PPC processes and systems. Both are viable but create difference paradigms in account management. For this post I’m going to title them mechanical and organic. The mechanical view considers performance as the sum of its parts. The organic takes the account as a larger whole, something akin of an ecosystem in which the parts comb ...

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  • Looking Forward To AdWords Ad Customizers

    In case you’ve forgotten, ads are a big deal. As the one aspect of your work that users interact with, it is important to get them right. You need to make your ad copy compelling and worthy of the click. However, this notion is easier said than done , especially for large accounts. To help make ads more compelling, Google is rolling out ad customizers over the coming weeks.

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  • The New Features In Google Shopping Scripts

    With the official arrival of Google Shopping Campaigns, marketers are now receiving the support and tools they need to succeed on the new platform. Shopping groups are not complicated but they aren’t always straightforward to manage and monitor. Thankfully we now have scripts to the rescue! With the new features and functionality, we will only be able to scratch the surface today.

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  • Reviewing Negative Keywords In Light of Recent Changes

    With the recent AdWords close variant update, now is a good time to review your negative keywords. It is also prudent to review the rules of negative keywords and ensure they are working correctly in your accounts. If you are interested in seeing more data on the issue see Sam Owens post on the topic. The Anatomy of Negative Keywords Negative keywords are used to block certain queries.

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