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  • Is Peach the Next Great Social Network? What You Need to Know.

    The peach emoji grew to notoriety as a way to represent something vastly different than the fruit. That all changed Friday when a new social network boasting the enticing URL peach.cool emerged as the latest obsession among social-savvy circles. We haven’t seen this much hype for a new social network since the rush (and eventual crush) of Ello.

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  • How We Increased Our Twitter Engagement Rate by 180% in Two Months

    As social media marketers, we have a wealth of tools at our disposal to measure our performance. But with so much to track, what can get lost is focus on the metrics we can dramatically improve with specific tactical decisions. We want to know where we can really move the needle, fast. When Twitter made a wealth of new Tweet stats available to the public in late 2014, we had just such a number.

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