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  • Is It Time to Re-Think Long-Form Content?

    Content Marketing, Owned Media, SEO The topic de jour for content marketing this year has been quality over quantity – and it’s about time. Studies clearly show the value in posting a few great, highly informative posts rather than cranking out a bunch of keyword drivel. To underscore the point, check out serpIQ’s study on the average length of content.

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  • 3 Fundamental Ways to Promote Blog Posts

    Content Marketing, Earned Media, Influencer Outreach, Owned Media, SEO, Shared Media You only thought high school was over. When it comes to marketing your brand, though, you’re still stuck playing the popularity game. In today’s ever-growing Internet crowd, being seen is more important than ever. That includes your blog posts.

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  • The Truth About Content Length

    Three hundred words. Five hundred. Eight hundred. Over 1,000. When it comes to deciding how long to write your blog posts, you might get 10 different answers from different digital marketing experts. Neil Patel of Quick Sprout has covered this topic at length, and he used more than 1,700 words to do it.

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