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  • Wrap Up: Stories and Influencer Marketing Lead the B2B Content Marketing Bonanza at #C2C15

    More than 7,000 Twitter posts by 1,600+ different users generated almost 28 million impressions during this week’s Content2Conversion Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona. For three days, the resort at Gainey Ranch became a genuine B2B content marketing bonanza. From opening night festivities on the Lawn Court, to the closing panel session, B2B content wishes, wisdom and wit was ...

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  • Stay tuned for posts from #C2C15

    Today through Thursday of this week, you’ll see posts on TopRank Blog from the B2B Content to Conversion Conference in sunny Scottsdale, Arizona. I’ll be live-blogging a few sessions from the conference, including our CEO Lee Odden’s talk “How to Create a Competitive Advantage by Crowdsourcing Marketing Content with Influencers.” Lee is speaking at 9:45 a.m. on Tuesday.

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  • B2B Channel Marketing Strategies: 12 Data and Content Takeaways from #BMAMN

    Panelists, from left, Heather Anfang, John Peters, Barbara Merwin and Chris Hawver discuss channel marketing strategies at Tuesday’s BMAMN event. What do marketing professionals from industries as diverse as food service, laboratory supply manufacturing, data storage and financial services all have in common? Each of them see consumer data and content management as keys to th ...

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  • B2B Marketing eBook: Inspiration From 14 Marketing Influencers

    The digital marketing industry is shaped by great minds that, while keeping one eye on the work at hand, are focusing the other on the future. These great minds help us see “what’s next” and inspire us to create the next level of content for marketing. For inspiration on B2B Marketing in 2015, look no further than the experts in “B2B Marketing 2015: 14 Visions of the Future You Can Use Today“.

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  • Video and Social Media – Tips and Takeaways from #SMBMSP74

    Panelists including, from left, Jeff Achen, David Krejci, Farrington Starnes and Chuck Olsen address the audience at the January 23 SMBMSP event. Digital marketers have known for some time that video is an essential part of the marketing mix: 76% of B2B companies use video as a content marketing tactic. Video is also an important part of a social media content strategy.

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  • 4 Ways Marketers Can Learn From a Journalist’s Approach to Content Planning

    “Be the media” isn’t just a buzz phrase. It’s a live process and philosophy that brings in leads and moves products and services. It’s the concept of content as sales staff. It’s “write it and they will come.” OK, so I got ahead of myself with that last one. It’s not quite that simple. As marketers have moved to content to help tell their stories that draw in customers, they ...

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  • Traditional Media for Content Marketing: Pros, Cons, Examples and Best Practices

    How many times has traditional media been pronounced dead in the past decade? We’ve lost count, right? While there is no denying that TV, newspapers and radio have lost a ton of ground to digital, the fact of the matter is traditional media still matters. Even to digital marketers. In fact, some marketers are finding that traditional media is a becoming a great platform for engaging buyers.

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  • Worst. Marketing. Advice. Ever. Top Brands Share All

    Someone once said, “The best advice is this: Don’t take advice and don’t give advice.” While that statement isn’t true for the most part, there are a few times in a marketer’s career in which in which it might be best to just ignore the advice. As all of the 2015 predictions and advice blog posts came rolling in, we thought it would be fun to ask just the opposite.

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  • White Papers: Pros, Cons, Examples and Best Practices

    Not every piece of content we produce resides at the top of the sales funnel spinning up awareness. If that were the case, our jobs as marketers would be much easier. When digital marketers roll up their sleeves and generate leads, many have found that white papers provide a utility for which potential customers are willing to give up a name and email address.

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  • Falling Behind on Content? Catch Up With These Content Repurposing Tips

    Remember all that content you were going to have completed before you left for holiday break? Remember the editorial calendar that was going to include all of Q1 2015 that you scaled back to be only January, 2015, that you scaled back to be … well … nothing? The holidays were great, and you were able to only half occupy your mind with pending work deliverables scheduled for early January.

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  • 5 Lessons From Our Top Social Media Marketing Posts of 2014

    Wherever your specialty lies in the the digital marketing world, social media will continue to grow in importance in 2015. In fact, 92% of content marketers use social networks for content publishing. (CMI/MarketingProfs) Earlier this month, Lee Odden put together a list of our most popular blog posts on social media marketing throughout 2014.

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  • 3 Reasons Why Your Content Marketing May Have Failed In 2014

    Content marketing is a tactic that requires research, testing and then a strategy on how to proceed. A lot of businesses tried content marketing for the first time in 2014. Those who didn’t see the results they were looking for, shouldn’t rush to throw in the towel. A Google search for the words ‘content marketing’ pulls up some 355 million results.

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