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  • Why marketers’ approaches to sales shoppers must change

    The preconception of sales shoppers looking to save a quick buck on an impulse bargain is leading marketers to make expensive mistakes. This is just one of the insights we uncovered when producing our 2017 Shopper Profiles report. The report highlights the shopping behaviors that will drive fashion, luxury, beauty and travel purchases in 2017 across the US, the UK and Australia.

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  • 3 coupon affiliate myths it’s time to stop blindly believing

    It’s often assumed that coupon sites only drive value at the last click. Or they are seen as poachers of revenue that has actually been driven by other marketing channels earlier in the consumer journey. Nevertheless, shoppers now expect coupons and deals to be readily available for their online shopping.

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  • Looking beyond the holiday purchase: understanding customer lifetime value

    The ideal brand relationship is much more than a single experience. It comprises multiple experiences and events that tie the consumer to that specific brand. That brand becomes the go-to for purchasing the perfect birthday gift or the top destination for booking a much-needed getaway. Analyzing each of these brand interactions beyond the user’s first purchase allows adverti ...

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  • Attribution, one step at a time

    Marketers have always had a problem. They spend lots of money across lots of different marketing channels — PPC, display, affiliate, direct mail, email and so on — but it’s really hard for them to measure how well all of those channels perform together. If marketers can’t see how well their advertising is working, then they can’t make the best decisions about how to spend their budget.

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