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  • Turning ‘Time on Site’ from a Vanity Metric to an Actionable One

    Time is the most sought after resource on the web, short of an actual sale. But why? Time is a proxy that’s representative of attention. If users spend more time on your site, they’re paying you more attention. Right? Well, not so fast. In this post, I’ll break down how time on site is calculated and why trying to figure out what a good time on site is may be misleading.

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  • How to Export Google Data Studio Reports as PDFs

    Google Data Studio provides a way to turn god-awful data tables, data puking, and boring charts into beautiful data visualizations. We at Seer really love the product, but, in our use, have recognized it’s missing one key functionality – the ability to PDF your new beautiful creation(s)! To me, this dilemma is the definition of irony: Google makes an awesome, free tool to cr ...

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  • #GTMTip – Track GTM Version and ID as a Custom Dimension

    Have you ever had the nightmare of opening your Google Analytics (GA) account to find that the data you were interested in stopped tracking? Maybe it was an event for the shiny new CTA on your site and you had the event tracking setup and working, but it suddenly stopped at some point. One culprit of this nightmare, are changes made in Google Tag Manager (GTM).

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  • Seer’s Google Analytics Heatmap To Find Your Website’s Peak Times [Download]

    Google recently unveiled a completely redesigned Google Analytics Mobile App. Besides receiving a major makeover, the app now includes more powerful real-time data, segmentation, and the ability to easily create and save a mobile dashboard for later use. One report that really stuck out to the Seer Analytics Team was the heatmap feature, which users can can use to visualize ...

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  • 4 Podcasts Analytics & Data Advocates Should Listen To

    The percentage of Americans who have listened to podcasts in the last month has doubled since 2008 (Pew Research Center). I may be a newcomer when it comes to podcasts as I’ve only been listening for a little less than a year, but I can without a doubt say that they have helped me grow in my digital marketing career and even my personal life.

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