James Green

  • A marketer’s take on the Trump era

    If you’re like me, you probably spent much of your spare time last year following the presidential election. Digital media rose to be front and center in politics, and given President-elect Trump’s preference for Twitter as a means of communicating with the American people, digital is here to stay in the political realm.

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  • Psychology and personalization: two P’s in a pod

    I usually write this column, but, this time I invited a colleague of mine at Magnetic to write about a subject he is passionate about that I think you will find interesting: personalization. Tyler Marcum started in an entry-level position at Magnetic; he has risen up through the ranks and now holds a prominent position as our Brand Marketing Specialist.

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  • Strategies to maximize retail marketing efforts BEFORE holiday sales events

    Navigating change in anything is never easy. Change requires of us new ways of thinking and doing that we may not have prepared for or expected. Nevertheless, change is here to stay, and fighting it is futile. This brings me to holiday shopping. Yes, holiday shopping. Over the past few years, we’ve seen some big changes, primarily in the way people shop and the way that bran ...

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  • The martech lowdown: 2016 trends in review and a look at our bright future

    Reviewing advances and setbacks in the marketing technology and ad tech industries in any given year is like watching a NASCAR race: There are drivers who push the limits and either succeed or fail and others who can’t quite get out of the starting gate. But some things remain constant each year: Technology gets smarter, and marketers, digital enthusiasts and consumers get m ...

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  • Can digital kill the television star?

    We all know digital video is leaving its mark on television, but the jury is still out as to just how significantly it’s affected. TV still dominates in terms of viewership and ad spend, but data shows that consumer behaviors and marketing dollars are shifting. The driving forces behind these shifts seem to be that people today are managing multiple screens (sometimes simult ...

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  • Holiday marketing: Take some cues from 2015 trends

    The 2015 holidays were a boon for digital retailers. For the first time, more people shopped online than in stores between Thanksgiving and Black Friday weekend. This shouldn’t come as a surprise; we all know the web is swimming with holiday shoppers. Yet marketers still struggle with getting in front of the right people and winning their attention during the busy shopping period.

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  • Creating the VIP treatment for your customers

    Imagine the ultimate online shopping experience: An hour after you search online for a pair of shoes for an upcoming event, your favorite shoe retailer delivers a variety of relevant shoe recommendations, including new arrivals, directly to your inbox. You decide to revisit the retailer’s site, continue browsing and see recommendations for complementary items that pique your interest.

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  • The secret to email marketing success: delivering relevance

    It’s no secret why marketers rely on and continue to invest in email. In 2015, there were more than 4.35 billion email accounts and nearly 2.6 billion email users worldwide. And according to eMarketer’s Retail Email Marketing: Benchmarks and Trends in the US, internet users of all ages continue to open promotional emails, welcome targeted messages when shopping and think of e ...

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  • A Fresh Start: 2016’s Marketing Outlook

    As an optimist, I always start the year thinking about how to improve. I saw 2015 as a great year for innovations in marketing technology, and the quiet holiday period provided me with time to reflect on opportunities that we can capitalize on in 2016. Each year, we discover new marketing strategies and come closer to solving some of the industry’s toughest challenges, such ...

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  • Deals And Data Can Make Or Break Holiday Sales

    The holiday season is a great time of the year to break away from the day-to-day, indulge in food and drink and get your hands on some great deals. But for marketers, the most wonderful time of year can also be the most stressful. There’s tremendous pressure to influence people and turn purchase intent into sales at the tail end of the year.

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  • The Ad-Blocking Holiday Diet

    These past few weeks, there has been much controversy and commentary on ad blocking, and a good majority think it’s unethical. It’s reasonable to expect that mass ad-blocking adoption will cause a slow, painful death for many small publishers, so the concerns are valid. On the other hand, some (myself included) think that everyone should stop complaining and focus on the next steps.

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  • The Human Side Of Data: The Opportunities For Marketers

    In a time when marketers want more audience segmentation and data is king, it can be easy to forget that our goal is to reach people — real people like me, who have their own shopping behaviors, interests and distinct preferences. Over the past few years, every click, like, follow, search and purchase has been turning people into units to be targeted, tracked and acquired.

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  • Reach Your Maximum Potential With Intent Data

    Just a few short years ago, the marketing industry was focused on understanding and leveraging the surplus of digital technologies rapidly being developed to help improve customer retention and acquisition. While marketers have made huge strides since the birth of e-commerce two decades ago, they’re still not utilizing the digital space to its full potential.

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  • Why Learnings From The ‘90s Banner Ad Still Apply Today

    Mobile, wearables, interactive TV and other sexy visions of the future are dominating industry headlines right now. However, if a headline includes the word “banner,” it’s typically adjacent to something along the lines of “dead, death or dying.” No one pays attention to display advertising — the euphemism we use to make the banner ad more appealing.

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