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  • How To Generate Ecommerce Sales Using Facebook Ads

    Have you tried Facebook advertising for your ecommerce site? If not, there are plenty of reasons why you should! For starters, Facebook’s targeting features allow your ads to show to the right people based on location, demographics, education, lifestyle, purchase behaviour and more. You also get the ability to show your ads to past customers and recent visitors of your site.

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  • The Benefits of Facebook Lead Ads

    It’s no secret that the difference between a Facebook ad and a Google Search ad is that on Facebook, the user’s intent is to browse the content of the people they follow, not to do research, sign-up, or purchase anything. That’s why it’s so important for your Facebook ad to be both visually appealing and extremely relevant to the user.

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  • How to Generate Leads Using Facebook

    Would you believe that a start-up service business with hardly any offline marketing efforts and no online landing pages just hit a 2 month waiting list? Well, it’s true – and virtually all of their marketing is done through Facebook. The point is that this social media platform, which so many of us use every day to connect with friends and family, is actually one of the world ...

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