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  • 5 LinkedIn Advertising Tactics That Actually Work

    LinkedIn advertising can be a very powerful tool if it’s used to its full potential. There are five main approaches to using LinkedIn Ads, each with their own outcomes and end goals. The concept behind LinkedIn’s advertising platform is very similar to Facebook’s; you can create static image and video ads that appear in various parts of the page, or you can choose to promote yo ...

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  • What Should My Cost Per Lead Be?

    I see this question plastered all over forums and LinkedIn Groups, as well as hearing it from my clients. The standard response I see to this question online is always simply “it depends on the industry you’re in” – but there’s much more to it than that. Indeed, the industry you operate within will have an impact on the amount you should expect to pay for a new business lead; ...

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  • 7 Questions Your Boss Will Ask About Pay Per Click (PPC)

    Whether you’re a marketing manager, a marketing executive or an agency assistant, if you’re thinking about starting up a Pay per Click (PPC) campaign then you are likely to be asked most of the following questions, before the powers that be can approve it. Here are some short and more in-depth answers to help you when that time comes. 1.

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