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  • Recap Friends of Search 2016 #FOS16

    Recap Friends of Search 2016 #FOS16 Estimated reading time: 3 minutes, 40 seconds After two sold-out editions during the last two years, the organisation managed to sell out again: this time 500 search and marketing enthusiasts connected and shared knowledge during the one day Friends of Search event in Amsterdam.

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  • What is HTTP/2 and how does it affect the web?

    Estimated reading time: 4 minutes, 35 seconds The second version of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol HTTP protocol is named HTTP/2.0 and was approved february last year. The first standardized protocol of data communication on the world wide web was published in 1997 so after almost 20 years we have an updated version.

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  • Using PageRank for internal link optimisation

    Estimated reading time: 8 minutes, 9 seconds Most marketeers know about PageRank because is using it as one of their main concepts to determine the value of external (inbound) links. For many years, this value (a number between 0-10) was used to compared the importance of a website, link quality and ranking potential of a domain or individual page.

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  • 5 unknown techniques to increase website performance

    Estimated reading time: 4 minutes, 3 seconds Many articles have been written about optimising website loading times, since search engines have been using pagespeed as a factor in their algorithms. With Google moving more towards are a more user signal based algorithm, perceived performance will be one of the factors that will become more important during the upcoming years.

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  • 6 developments that Suggest Technical SEO is not Dead

    Platforms like WordPress, Drupal and Magento combined with easy to install plugins make it easy to set up websites adhering basic SEO requirements nowadays. Does that mean Technical SEO is becoming less important? Have a look at what is going on in the most competitive niches and what can we expect from Google in the upcoming months and decide for yourself.

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  • 7 simple ways to Generate Links for Small Business Owners

    Search engines are still built around algorithms that heavily use the web’s link graph as a main factor for determining rankings in the result pages. Even without big budgets, it is possible to get a good amount of links by using creativity and already established relationships. Some of them will be time consuming but can be combined with other marketing activities.

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  • Search and Social – #SMX London day 2

    Bas van den Beld is kicking off the day with an inspirational talk: Search and social tend to be completely different channels but on the end of the day everyone is continuously using social media to share updates and use search to find information. It is not only about sharing but also about the human need for information.

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  • Google’s Maile Ohye: a multi-device world – #SMX London Day 1

    We are starting the day off with a keynote by Google’s Maile Ohye, Developer Programs Tech Lead giving a keynote about the latest developments in Google Search. After the introduction of the mobile friendly update it is clear Google has really started focusing on a multi-device world. Today we not only have desktop and laptops, but fridges, smartwatches and cars are connecte ...

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  • Google and App indexing: how can you benefit from it?

    Since April this year, Google now shows app install buttons and app deeplinks in the search engine result pages for Android users. They already showed it to users of specific apps but will now add apps if users haven’t installed it yet or are not logged in. Google has already indexed over 30 billion links directly pointing to content within apps and now uses App Indexing as ...

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  • Using your internal search engine as a marketing instrument

    The value of a website’s internal search engine is often underestimated. This little box, often hidden away between all kinds of call to action elements, can create a lot of insight. Next to the insight given by the data it provides, you can use it as a marketing instrument by optimizing the recommendations given in the results.

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  • The Semantic Web: Business Models from a Marketing Perspective

    All marketers will be familiar with the yellow stars in Google, a result of marking up specific data within a website. Making use of structured data is often a point of discussion, especially considering it can be a lot of work structuring and marking up complete internal databases. The idea behind Structured & Linked Open Data is to create a web of things instead of strings.

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