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  • “Sustainability, Storytelling & Social Media” (#CZLNY)

    Good morning and welcome to Day 1 of ClickZ Live New York! I’m excited to be liveblogging sessions all day today and tomorrow from the front row. Grab a cup of coffee and stay with us for updates here - follow along on Twitter for more. Today’s opening keynote is from Tim Goudie, director of social media and sustainability at The Coca-Cola Company (“The Man with the Sustaina ...

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  • Ultimate Engagement: The Power of Data-Driven Storytelling (#CZLNY)

    ClickZ New York’s opening keynote started the morning off well. Now, my pick for sessions today is “Ultimate Engagement: The Power of Data-Driven Storytelling,” with Dr. Jon Roberts of About.com. With a PhD in theoretical high energy physics and previous studies in dark matter, I’m pretty intrigued to hear about his transition to being the director of data sciences for About.com’s content.

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  • The Power of Persuasion: Using Buyer Personas to Increase Relevance (#CZLNY)

    Search is traffic. We need traffic. But what’s better? More traffic? Better traffic? Both? Confused yet? Grant Simmons, vice president of search marketing at Homes.com, wants us to define “better.” Personas are a tool to help in strategy development, tactical execution and measurement of outcomes. They help us inform who we want to reach – and who we want paying attention to our brands.

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  • The Four Laws of Content (in the New Content Economy) #CZLNY

    Content isn’t new. The media is what has changed. Content has had to morph to fit new environments. Laura Henderson of Mondelez International introduces us to a brand content spectrum, with “Message-Led” at one end (the traditional promotional messaging we’re used to) and “Context-led” at the other, which we’re seeing more and more of, with real-time marketing and reactive co ...

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  • Cutting Through the B2B Bulls*** (#CZLNY)

    How do you develop a message that your customers will listen to? That’s the question Craig Coffey, marketing communications manager of Lincoln Electric, is answering today. In his job, he gets to make welding (and welding equipment) cool. He makes people interested in taking up welding as a hobby and a career. Because “welding is f*cking cool.” And people are really passionate about it.

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  • How Can Analytics Better Inform Content? (#CZLNY)

    Ian Walsh, CMO of Trackmaven, reminds us that content has become modern marketing’s fuel. Along the way, a lot of technology has come along – content production tools, workflow tools, distribution tools, and analytics and attribution tools (not to mention the many social channels themselves). But… 63% of B2C and 61% of B2B marketers don’t think their content is effective (al ...

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  • Digital Innovation at the White House (#CZLNY)

    It’s time for Day 2 at ClickZ Live New York! The morning’s kicking off with Leigh Heyman, director of new media technologies at the White House. While leading the technical team, he works closely with the digital marketing/content-focused experts at the White House, and he immediately stresses the need for those two teams to work together.

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  • Ready, Set, Integrate: Data-Driven Email (#CZLNY)

    People get too many emails. Their second complaint about email marketing? The email content isn’t relevant to the recipient. You need to personalize your emails, and data helps you do that. That’s the theme of the ClickZ New York session by Allison Kell, marketing manager at the Credit Union of New Jersey. There are three stages of email marketing you need to know.

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  • Turning the Aircraft Carrier: Driving Change in the Large Enterprise (#CZLNY)

    I’ve been eagerly awaiting this session since interviewing Eric Enge of Stone Temple Consulting a few weeks ago. Today, Eric and Sean Kainec of Home Depot are talking about how to change how SEO is perceived in an enterprise environment. How is SEO perceived? Well, version one is it’s done in a dark closet, it’s black magic, it’s sketchy. Or, version two, you’re the “keyword people.

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  • Why Google Is Wrong About Linkbuilding

    “In general, I’d try to avoid that.” Avoid what, you ask? Linkbuilding. That was the advice Friday morning from Google’s John Mueller when asked, “Is link building in any way good?” (you can find the complete transcript here). “We do use links as part of our algorithm but we use lots and lots of other factors as well.

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  • YouTube Turns 10: Our Thanks & Favorites

    Hard to believe it’s been 10 years since YouTube was founded! But that’s the reality – on February 14, 2005, three guys wanting a place for people to share videos online founded YouTube. After an amazing period of rapid growth, it was only a year and half later that Google acquired the brand from its founders for more than 1.65B in Google stock. And 10 years later, it hasn’t slowed down.

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  • Happy Holidays from Overit!

    For our team, today is one of the best days of the year. We get to debut the Overit holiday card! We thought the holiday season should be bright… and a friendly neighborhood light competition is always a go ...

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  • New Year, New Content Strategy

    We’re down to just two weeks left in 2014. Did your content help you hit goals this year? Raise brand awareness, start conversations with your audience, boost interest in your products or services? Based on a search of content marketing and 2015 and the plethora of trend prediction posts out there, everyone’s still expecting content to play a huge role next year. And it absolutely will.

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  • 2014 In Motion: Overit’s Videos & Animations

    There’s been plenty of buzz in 2014 about how important video is to brand’s marketing efforts today. As you probably know by now, we’re big fans of video at Overit, and enjoy the opportunity to include video of all styles within our integrated digital marketing campaigns. This year was no exception. Here are a few of the Overit motion team‘s favorite projects from 2014.

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  • BOSS 2014 Session Seven: Prosper (and Event Wrap-up)

    Still with us? Last session of the day, on “making a difference in the world and giving back when you succeed and prosper.” Water L. Robb, Ph.D., President, Vantage Management, Inc. - Taking Risks Yogi Berra – “When you come to a fork in the road, take it.” Well, if you come to a pivot, grab it! Walter encourages us to avoid incremental thinking.

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  • BOSS 2014 Session Six: Manage (#BOSS518)

    Session six is on management – growing the business and optimizing performance. Carolyn M. Jones, Publisher, Albany Business Review - Passion, Purpose and Vision – Selling Your Product Understand your brand and your position in the market, and identify how to showcase that to customers. The Business Review has really had to evaluate where to be and how to devote its resources.

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  • BOSS 2014 Session Five: Launch (#BOSS518)

    We’ve cultivated, created, assessed, prepared… Time to launch. Jeanne M. Sullivan ’98, Cofounder, StarVest Partners, L.P. - Stupid Things Entrepreneurs Do When Raising Money Get that story out of your mouth. On the pitch. This is critical. The marker for you being in love with your product is when you show me a demo. People want to see you have something incredible.

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  • BOSS 2014 Session Four: Prepare (#BOSS518)

    Session #4! Last one before lunch. Here we go. Vic Christopher, Owner, Lucas Confectionery - Reclamation A janitor, Vic was “hopeless, depressed and not sure where and when I’d have an opportunity.” And then the Mets’ minor league team gave him a seasonal job that gave him an opportunity. Opportunities then led him to Troy in baseball, then local government (fired in two pu ...

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