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  • What is the Best Oil for Deep Frying Reviewed

    Fried chicken, fried fish or French fries are all popular dishes that are staples of many family meals. But after you’ve spent time finding the right fryer, how do you know what oil you should use in it? You don’t want something that starts smoking or breaks down, and many of us also want something that’s as healthy as possible.

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  • Our Best Turkey Fryer Reviews 2016

    There is nothing like the tender and juicy taste and great crispy texture of a fried turkey. Frying rather than oven cooking turkeys has become increasingly popular and not just for Thanksgiving. People make them for tailgate parties, and any other event they can find as an excuse to serve up a delicious deep-fried bird.

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  • Best Hot Air Fryer Recipes and Books for 2016

    You’ve found that perfect airfryer and now you want to get the most of it. Maybe you purchased the philips model and your looking for the best philips airfryer recipes? No one wants to invest in a healthy and really cool appliance only to have it sitting on the shelf most of the time. An air fryer lets you deep fry in a much healthier way, with just a tablespoon of oil! You ca ...

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  • Philips Air Fryer Review 2016

    We all know there’s nothing like the taste of golden brown fried chicken just out of the fryer. My two children love burgers and hot dogs, but won’t be completely happy without some crispy French fries to go with them. So I’ve struggled with the balance of how often to serve fried foods that come with an unhealthy amount of oil.

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  • Best Air Fryer Reviews Guide 2016

    You don’t have to live in the South to enjoy the delicious flavor of fried foods. Whether you’re having chicken or mushrooms, there is nothing like that tasty and crispy goodness. But until now, there was a price to pay for loving fried foods, in both fat and calories. So frying up a batch of fish and chips came with side of guilt. But no more, now that Air Fryers are on the market.

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