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  • 31 Twitter tools for business: How to manage Twitter like a pro

    If you are into blogging or any kind of online business, social media is something inevitable. If you ignore social media completely, you will miss out a lot. For one, a very big share of your target audience hang out on social media platforms like Twitter, Google+ and the like. Hence your presence on social media is highly crucial. That doesn’t mean you should be all over.

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  • 9 Steps to write amazing blog posts (even if you are a newbie!)

    Every blogger starts as a newbie. We all don’t have that “years of experience” when we start out, right? But the fact that you are a newbie should not affect the quality of your blog. How to be a newbie blogger and also keep up the standards when it comes to content creation? Is it even possible? My subscribers often ask this question to me! I am just starting out.

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  • Curate content like a pro with these content curation tools

    Content is the backbone of a blog. You need to create awesome content in a consistent manner if you are running a blog. And here comes content curation into picture – for two reasons: One, to cure the so called writers block. And second, to help you create easy content on the go. Let’s see what content curation is and how it helps you with the above mentioned two things.

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  • Embrace these 9 solid tips to become a successful blogger

    It is frustrating, isn’t. Every blogger around you – even the one who started after you – is picking up at a fast pace. They are publishing income reports. They are doing product launches. They post screenshots of affiliate commissions or sales reports in social media. And here you are, working very hard, and yet to see that moment – which is not visible even in the horizon any time soon.

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  • # 5 Simple ways to find work-life balance if you are working from home

    Admit it. If you are working from home, chances are that you are struggling a lot. Well, you might not actually struggle with anything in particular, but you could be struggling with almost everything. Things look blurry, right? There are lots of stuff that you need to take care of. Family on the one side and business on the other side – both of them screaming for your attention 24×7.

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  • Is it OK to be multi passionate in your business?

    Well, you probably know my story. I started with a multi-niche blog. And I could not make it successful in terms of conversion. Even though I got a lot of traffic, I was unable to serve and convert to that multi-niche audience. I was having audience interested in relationships, blogging, technology and health since I was writing about all these on one website.

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  • Should you enable comments on your blog or not?

    Blog comments could play a very crucial part in a blog’s success. But it is not the case for all blogs. It highly depends on the niche. For certain niches blog comments could be a game changer. While for certain other niches, they may not contribute anything to the success of the blog. In such a case, how to decide whether you should have comments enabled on your blog or not ...

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  • How to format your blog posts for best reader experience

    You put all your heart into creating that piece of content. But what if it is not pleasing to the reader? What if your reader ignores that content you have created? What if that content doesn’t get any shares or comments? You want to be appreciated, right? At least you want others to notice you. Well, assuming that the content you create is extremely valuable and is of great ...

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  • 5 Reasons why your business is not moving forward

    In the last post, I addressed a serious problem and talked about my personal experience related to that. The problem of not moving forward with your business. This is a very serious problem – if you are putting in a lot of hard work (and money) to build your business, and yet if it is going nowhere – this is no fun! In this post, I share 5 worst mistakes you could be making ...

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  • Why your business is not making any progress?

    I’m going to address a serious problem in this blog post – Your business goes nowhere. It doesn’t accomplish what you want it to accomplish. More importantly, nobody pays attention! And, without your readers paying attention, you cannot do any business. Can you relate? I rise this topic today because I am overwhelmed with queries like this in my inbox.

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  • Starting with the RIGHT foundation is crucial to blogging success

    It is heartbreaking to see most blogs vanish! There are numerous blogs that are started with great enthusiasm. But where do those blogs go? And there are blogs that just survive – without making any progress. Why is that? If all the enthusiasm with starting a blog was right, things should work out well too isn’t? So what goes wrong here? What are we missing? Well, there ar ...

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