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  • Funnel Driven Keyword Reporting

    Have you given or received an SEO report that involved keyword data recently? What did that section of the report look like? Perhaps something like this? The zombie keyword report of yore How useful was it? We’re all aware of the profound changes that have been happening in our field regarding the lowly keyword. Keywords used to be the basic unit of SEO.

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  • A JSON-LD Implementation Guide

    SearchFest 2016 (aka the last “SearchFest”) had a load of great talks, but only a few were as immediately relevant to my work as the deep dive discussion of structured and unstructured data from AJ Kohn and Mike Arnesen. They lent great insight to my approach to these two different types of information, and deepened my appreciation for structured data at large.

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  • SEO: The Quick & Dirty Google Index Diagnostic

    A Quick & Dirty Google Index Diagnostic This article outlines a simple diagnostic technique to assess the health of your site architecture. For all the current attention being paid to Content (caps intentional), our ability to generate organic traffic still depends heavily on that content being found and indexed by a search engine’s crawlers.

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