jason miller

  • The Miles Davis Approach to Content Marketing Strategy

    If you’ve ever met me or seen any of my photography then you know I have a passion for rock ‘n’ roll. But as every good marketer knows, it’s important to continually expand your horizons. Lately, I’ve been doing that by diving into the genre of classic jazz. The more I listen to and study jazz, the more parallels I see between sophisticated jazz and great content.

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  • Next Generation CDN Technology is About More than just Caching

    In today’s hyper-connected world, users don’t go online, they are constantly online, and marketing professionals require innovative technologies to deliver a quality customer experience. Because of this, many are already familiar with the classic services of a content delivery network (CDN), such as caching.

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  • The New Era of the Hybrid Marketer

    I’ve had the invaluable experience of growing up fast as a marketer alongside a marketing industry maturing just as quickly in the digital age. When I first made the move to the B2B marketing space in 2009, there was a shift happening: Social media was starting to take off. Suddenly, marketers were faced with a whole slew of new platforms and technologies we had to master to do our jobs.

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