Jason Richelson

  • How Small Businesses Can Nail Social Marketing

    For many independent business owners, embarking on a full-blown social media program can seem like a daunting journey into unknown territory. Thankfully, the payoff is worth the effort. When done right, there’s massive potential for SMBs to directly connect and communicate with targeted, local audiences.

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  • For Apple Pay to Thrive, Small Businesses Must Adopt

    For years, tech evangelists have envisioned the dawn of the mobile wallet, and with the recent announcement of Apple Pay, it seems as though mass consumer adoption may finally be upon us. Big-name brands like Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, Target and McDonald’s have at long last made the decision to adopt this technology, convinced that Apple has the power to succeed where others — ...

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  • Shopkeep Founder: Micros/Oracle Deal Won’t Help SMBs

    Speculation turned into reality yesterday when Oracle confirmed its plans to acquire Micros. Though this is great news for Micros’ CEO and its shareholders, it’s a big problem for smaller companies looking to take back Main Street. Every single time cloud computing has been introduced into an industry, it has decimated the established leaders.

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