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  • Why email marketing has lasted five times longer than your first marriage

    Like a marriage, email marketing is based on a relationship between two interested parties: a brand and a consumer. But while the average first marriage only lasts about eight years, email marketing has been around for nearly 40 years. So, how has email marketing beaten the odds, even when critics said that email was an all-but-dead channel? And more importantly, what lies a ...

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  • User-generated content: What your brand can learn from Spotify

    A. Aleksandravicius / Shutterstock.com You’ve decided to make user-generated content (UGC) a priority for your brand. But now you’re struggling to get your UGC campaign off the ground, and you’re starting to think that UGC is the unicorn of the B2B marketing world — an imaginary beast that is more myth than reality. Maybe the problem is that you’re approaching UGC all wrong.

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  • Make me an offer: Rating the effectiveness of common email offers

    Offers and promotions are the bread and butter of email marketing. Give subscribers a reason — any reason — to act, and it’s all but inevitable that your campaign will become an occasion for brand glory and killer business outcomes, right? We all know it’s not that simple. At Yes Lifecycle Marketing, my employer, our latest research shows that all email offers aren’t created ...

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  • Why email is taking center stage in marketing innovation

    Most marketers plan to maintain or increase their investments in marketing innovation this year. But here’s the catch: They’re hedging their bets by expanding innovation in reliable channels like email rather than rolling the dice on unproven marketing tactics. Email marketing is a prime target for innovation in 2017 Marketing innovation is a top priority for marketers this y ...

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  • Making sense of the latest trends in digital retail

    One of the things I love about my job is that marketing is constantly evolving. Just when you think you have mastered the latest tools and strategies, a whole new generation of technologies emerges, creating opportunities for marketers to take their work in exciting directions. Last month, a group of my colleagues attended Shop.

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  • The genius of easy-click emails

    Like hundreds of thousands of other travelers, I was a victim of the Delta flight fiasco in early August. After a day filled with flight cancellations and an alternate booking with WestJet, I checked my inbox and discovered an email from Expedia asking me to rate my experience. The email was simple and elegant and consisted of just five words: “Happy with your WestJet Trip?” ...

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  • What Pokémon Go can teach us about email marketing

    Last month, Pokémon Go exploded onto the scene, mainstreaming augmented reality and blowing engagement rates out of the water. Now, talk of augmented reality is everywhere, especially in branding and marketing circles. Pokémon Go is not the first app to integrate augmented reality technology into its platform, but it is certainly the most popular.

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  • What marketers need to know about DMARC

    Last month, reports surfaced that Google and Microsoft this year plan to update their policies related to DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance), a change that could cause some brands’ deliverability rates to plummet. Change is coming. DMARC authentication is becoming an important part of the email marketing landscape, and if marketers aren’ ...

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  • Secrets for digital commerce success in 2016

    Multi-channel. Big data. Personalization. These are just some of the words that have been used to describe best practices for digital commerce in 2016. But the problem is that they are too generic to offer practical benefits for online brands. Instead of delivering wins, they create confusion and frustration for marketers. To get ahead in today’s marketplace, you need details.

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  • Making Father’s Day count: How-to tips for email marketers

    Holiday-themed email campaigns can be serious revenue drivers for consumer brands. With Father’s Day just around the corner, have you thought about how you will adapt your email marketing strategy to optimize opens, clicks and conversions? Recently, I took a look at the most effective marketing campaigns for Mother’s Day and was surprised by some of the things I found — insi ...

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  • The need for speed in email marketing

    The marketplace moves at the speed of light. Email marketing technology? Not so much. Now more than ever, marketers have a need for speed — nimble technologies that help us respond to real-time opportunities by targeting key audience segments. Big data equals slow data Customer data is the fuel that drives effective marketing campaigns.

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  • We’re reaching the tipping point in mobile commerce

    Have you noticed what’s going on with mobile? Mobile revenue is at a record high, as more and more consumers use their smartphones to complete purchases. Although positive sentiment toward mobile commerce has been building for several years, we may finally be approaching the tipping point — the moment when the marketplace accepts mobile as a primary purchasing channel.

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  • Why Virtual Reality May Become The New Normal In Email Marketing

    Immersion is the next big milestone in consumer technology. Armed with an expanding range of virtual reality (VR) technologies, consumers are poised to consume content not as spectators, but as participants in a three-dimensional, 360-degree virtual universe. But if you think the practical applications of immersive VR experiences are limited to movies and video games, you co ...

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  • The Wonderful World Of One-Click Mobile Buying

    It’s a brave new world in online retail, as mobile purchasing tops the short list of hot online retail trends for 2016. But while consumers are clamoring for mobile purchasing mechanisms, many brands simply aren’t prepared to deliver high-quality mobile buying experiences. Ready or not, mobile buying is here.

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