Jay Acunzo

  • The Biggest Missed Opportunity in Influencer Marketing

    Unless you’ve been living under a rock buried underneath a larger, Wi-Fi-proof rock, you’ve probably heard the phrase “influencer marketing.” The idea is: A relationship has been established over time between two sides (also known as “a relationship”). In this case, the relationship is between a collective of mission-aligned individuals known to the world as a brand and an ind ...

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  • 3 Unthinkable Behaviors Behind Truly Creative Content Marketers

    Before we get into all that delicious content marketing stuff, let’s talk about eating ice cream for a second. (Stay with me, folks. It’s gonna get weirder before it gets normal again.) When you eat a bowl of ice cream, is your goal to get to an end result as fast as possible? Do you turn to a friend or maybe a professional ice-cream-eating freelancer and say, “Hey, can you f ...

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  • The Jargon Monster: What Is Content Marketing, Really?

    This article originally appeared on Medium. I’d like you to meet someone. This is the Jargon Monster. And he is a jerk. I’d like you to meet someone else… This is the Naked Little Truth. He’s naked. Also, he always tells the truth. (I know, I know, he should have a less confusing name…) The best part of the NLT’s truth-telling is that it’s always delivered in plain Eng ...

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