Jay Baer

  • The 6 Step Playbook for Handling Social Media Complaints

    Dealing with complainers and haters in social media can, of course, be tricky. What you need is a framework for how to do it right. This is that framework: F-E-A-R-S: You may notice that I didn’t include “be fast” as a specific component. This is because it is axiomatic. Today, nearly 40% of all social media complainers who expect a response, expect that response to arrive ...

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  • Why Haters Are the Petri Dish of Great Content Marketing

    Haters are the early warning detection system for your business, much like a canary in a coal mine. Haters are not the problem … ignoring them is. In fact, haters are your most important customers because when they complain, they provide free market research about what you can improve and how you can use content marketing to prevent future complaints.

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