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  • 5 Ways to Build a Culture of Listening and Boost Your Reputation

    The line between customer service and business promotion is blurring. Almost every channel you could use in order to talk about your business can be flipped around, allowing consumers to talk to you or about you. And that means anyone working in SEO or online marketing needs to know at least a little bit about customer service. And it means we need to do more than just talk AT our customers.

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  • Unwrap Your Holiday Reputation Management Action Plan

    A solid reputation management action plan that anticipates and corrects common problems is a present almost any manager would like to see underneath the Christmas tree. And if you start right now, you could pull together a comprehensive plan to get you through the holidays without a gaffe. Avoiding issues this time of the year is vital, as the Pew Research Center found Novem ...

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  • Getting Real on Social Media? You Need These Reputation Dos and Don’ts

    Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter can and should play an important role in your reputation management strategy. But if you’re using a tried-and-true marketing voice to amplify your message, you could be missing out on the “social” part of social media. If you shift your tone and let your humanity come through (in other words, if you “get real”), you could see some huge benefits.

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  • 3 Key Fixes When Google’s Autocomplete Drags Your Name Through the Mud

    Google’s autocomplete function is one of the biggest reputation management threats out there. If you’ve ever run a search for your company’s name and found nasty attack words in that Google search box, you know just what I’m talking about. There’s nothing quite like seeing words like “fraud” or “cheat” or “liar” as possible search terms for a company you’ve spent months or even years defending.

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  • A 60-Minute Reputation Touch-Up Anyone Can Do (Even You!)

    If you’re struggling to deal with the demands of your job now, you might be tempted to let your online reputation work slide. And that’s not a great idea, as a 2014 Nielsen study suggests that reputation is a key metric companies can use to close deals. In this survey, 54 percent of American consumers decided not to do business with a company because of something they learne ...

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  • 4 Ways Negative Yelp Reviews Could Actually Help Your Reputation

    Back in 2007, the Harvard Business Review claimed that 70 to 80 percent of market value came from intangible items, like goodwill. A lot has changed since then. Now, when consumers want to measure goodwill or brand strength or reputation, they head to one place: Yelp. By reading through comments others have written about their real-time experiences with brands, consumers c ...

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  • SEO 101: Optimize Your Images and Make Them #SEO Rockstars in 4 Steps

    Photos were once a bit of a blogger afterthought. Most of us (particularly in the reputation management space) thought of them as eye candy. Photos made pages look nicer, we thought, but they really weren’t doing anything for our SEO scores or our overall page health scores. But here’s the thing: If you spend just a little extra time on your photo posting routine, you could ...

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  • A Step-by-Step Guide to Responding to a Bad Yelp Review

    Every company out there will deal with a negative review on a site like Yelp or TripAdvisor. As long as these sites stay active, and as long as people have wee little fingers to type with, negative reviews will pop up from time to time. That much is inevitable. But you know what else is inevitable? Owner brain freeze.

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  • An Un-Skippable LinkedIn Post is Just 5 Steps Away

    If you have a LinkedIn account, you are tapped into an ideal reputation management tool, particularly if you’re planning to use the site for long-form blogging. Each sentence you write in a long-form LinkedIn post could be stuffed with the words and phrases that cause you harm. And all of those posts could get indexed to Google, where they could give you even bigger reputation benefits.

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  • Need a Blog Topic? Use These Four Ideas

    If you’ve resolved to write more blog posts in 2015, you’re certainly not alone. After all, the 2015 B2B Content Marketing study from the Content Marketing Institute suggests 70% of companies are creating more content now than they did a year ago, and 80% of those companies are using blogs. There’s no question that blogs are effective.

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  • Can’t Rule Google? Focus on Yelp

    Go big or go home. It sounds like a mantra made just for sports, but it also applies to Google. That’s because those websites who hit the top SERP spots tend to get more attention than those who appear down below. Consider this study profiled on Marketing Land: A little more than 71 percent of searches ended with a page one click.

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  • 3 Reasons to Use Pinterest in 2015

    Let’s face it: Few of us have the time or the inclination to use every single social media tool available to us. As a result, most of us pick a few sites that seem to have the most traffic, and we spend most of our time and energy trying to work with those sites to the best of our ability. From a straight metrics standpoint, it makes sense to choose Facebook over Pinterest.

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  • 5 Smart Ways to Use LinkedIn for Reputation Management

    When it comes to online reputation management, most people head right to Google for solutions. They look for keywords that could harm them, or articles that contain negative information about them, and they come up with new content that will rank just a little higher in Google search results. While that could be a winning strategy (particularly for companies under attack), t ...

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  • 5 Killer Tips for Conversational Blog Posts

    Conversational blog post writing has been on the top of everyone’s to-do list since Google launched the Hummingbird update last year. At the time, we were warned in a plethora of articles (including many, like this one) that Google was moving away from keywords and into “searcher intent”. Rather than beating people with keywords, we had to speak to them in words we’d use naturally.

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  • Why SEO Still (And Always) Matters

    Even though blogging is one of the best ways to boost an online reputation and increase market share at the same time, now is an incredibly hard time to be a blogger. There is just too much information out there. Get this: While 81 percent of consumers trust information they read in blogs, there are some 6.7 million people blogging, according to stats compiled by Social4Retail.

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