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  • How Do You Grow and Measure the Success of Your Personal Brand on Social?

    Depending on who you ask, the Internet is both an easy and difficult place to create your own personal brand. There will always be someone standing in front of a pile of cash and a rented yacht telling you how they made millions from home — but that’s neither real nor realistic. Instagram Social Marketing Strategy Kit Download I grew up the middlest of middle class in Michigan.

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  • Why You Can’t Ignore Social Video Anymore

    We love video. It’s easy to use, easy to create, easy to consume. We learn so much more from body language than we do from the written word—90 percent of communication is body language. So it’s easy to understand why people, especially millennials, are quickly migrating to video. If you’re betting on text you would have been that person in history who preferred horses to cars, ...

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  • 6 Unusual Marketing Campaigns That Actually Worked

    When it comes to marketing, it seems everything has already been done. But that’s not such a bad thing as it also means there are tried and true methods to ensure your strategy is on point. Indeed, there are many ways to create a fun marketing campaign that will engage your consumers and create the results you want. Here are six surprising tactics that have actually worked. 1.

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  • What Your Brand Can Learn From the 2016 Election Cycle

    It’s hard to analyze politics objectively. Political discussion produces strong emotions. It’s one of the five things you are not allowed to talk about in polite company along with money, sex, religion, and the status of your fantasy football team. Today should be interesting. #CruzSexScandal pic.twitter.

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  • 4 Things Small Businesses Should Do to Succeed with Inbound Marketing

    Small business marketing has turned a corner, and traditional outbound marketing efforts such as direct mail, TV ads, and telemarketing are becoming less and less effective. In fact, 86 percent of people skip TV ads, more than 200 million Americans are on the do-not-call list, and 90 percent of execs ignore cold calls. Consumers are in control.

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  • The Dos and Don’ts of Building a Following

    There is strength in numbers on social media. Even if you’re not trying to be an influencer, social capital has its value. Whether it’s purely perception or designed for lead generation, the size of your audience matters now. When I speak, my audience is usually entrepreneurs or aspiring media professionals.

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  • What Will Social Look Like at the End of 2016?

    Social media, by the end of 2016, may look vastly different. We already know that video and live streaming will play a bigger part, but with more visual content than ever before, social media may steer away from snarky one-liners to live broadcasts. 10 Social Media Trends You’ve Been Ignoring Download Or, it may go in the other direction, as people look for less public ways ...

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  • Why Social Marketers Need to Think Like Journalists

    After I deliver a keynote, I always get the same two questions: How did you get to this point in your career? What hair product(s) do you use? Answers here: I think like a journalist. I use Oribe, if you’re curious. The line between social media and the rest of media continues to blur.

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  • Why Brands Need to Own the Moment on Social Media

    With the current obsession with Netflix—42.5 billion hours last year to be exact—there is a fear in marketing and entertainment that we have stopped living in the moment. Does real-time marketing then still produce results on social? The short answer is yes. The long answer is YASSSSS! We’re actually creating more moments. And the Great Internet War of 2016 will be fought over live events.

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  • Why You Should Change the Way You Think About Social Media in 2016

    Two weeks into 2016 and it has become increasingly clear that the roadmap to success has changed. Social media, organic content, Snapchat, Instagram, and influencers have all gone from add-ons to key customer acquisition strategy. Last year I saw astronomically good response rates to organic content.

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  • 3 Keys to Creating Content with Viral Potential

    There are no accidents in creating great content. But if you ask 100 great content creators, no two will tell you the same way to create something viral. That’s fascinating. How is there not a formula? There is. But it’s not absolute like two parts hydrogen, one part water. It’s more like a recipe for banana Nutella crepes. There are 20 different ways you can make them to fit different tastes.

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  • The Best Social Media Strategy? Authenticity

    Authenticity—you know it when you see it. It’s not a metric. It’s not easily measured. But it’s there. It’s that feeling you get when you see something either incredibly on brand or incredibly off point. Before the Internet, before social media, brands controlled content. It was a one-way conversation. You saw them in the news, you read about them in the newspaper, you watched their commercials.

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  • How to Turn 200 Followers Into 200,000

    Getting people to see your content is hard. The entire Internet is competing to have their content seen over yours. Yet, we live in a world where the strangest things can and do go viral. We see a talking goat get millions of views and then get jealous of said goat. I tweeted about the Pope rapping last week and was featured in Time, Complex and Slate. I’m part of the problem.

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  • How to Ask for Things on Social Media (Without Making an Ask out of Yourself)

    Asking for something is one of the hardest things to do on social media. There’s a subtle line between asking for a favor and making an ask out of yourself. However it doesn’t need to be complicated. Thanks to social media, it has never been easier to connect with a stranger—for a lead, advice, help opening a Capri Sun—without it being strange.

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